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Yoga for Stress

Are you emotionally exhausted? Physically drained? Well, you’re not alone. In today’s fast paced world, stress and tension are unavoidable. A little stress here and there probably won’t have any long term affects on your health, but if constant, stress and tension can find their way into the muscles and joints creating congestion; physically, emotionally and mentally. The good news is that yoga can help. This week’s featured classes will relax your body and calm your mind.

  • Turn Down the Volume on Stress with Darren Rhodes: Practice can be like noise canceling headphones for our internal noise. Turn down the volume of your stress levels by amping up your practice in this full spectrum class.
  • Release Stress at the End of Your Day with Steven Espinosa: Enjoy a calming and relaxing class which begins with Meditation and Breath work which transitions into several Seated and Supine Poses. Perfect to release stress at the end of your day!
  • See Ya Shoulder Stress with Giselle Mari: Shoulders are the ever popular storage areas of all sorts of stress. Because we can never really get enough shoulder yoga, this practice will bring some oldie but goodie techniques and maybe a few new ones. Either way, we’ll open, release and ultimately relax transforming your hunchasana into full fledged chest forward, shoulders back, big hearted awesomeness. Props Needed: A strap and one to three blankets.
  • Let the Tension Melt Away with Jo Tastula: Through guided body scan you can enter into a state of deep relaxation while remaining awake, alert and fully in the moment. Take 20 minutes for yourself to completely de-stress from your day and experience the tension melt away! Props are optional, but you might like a blanket to cover yourself and something to put over your eyes.
  • Tune Up Your Neck & Shoulders to Release Stress with Tiffany Cruikshank: A 30 minute tune up for the neck and shoulders focusing on this trouble spot as a way to release stress. Many of us carry our stress in our shoulders, this class is a perfect remedy for neck & shoulder tension as well as tension headaches.
  • Unravel Years of Stress and Tension with Kia Miller: Our body is a map, which reveals the patterns and emotional tendencies that govern our life. Many of these patterns of thinking and feeling get coded into our muscles and joints. This class includes a balance of dynamic and still poses designed to release tension in the shoulders, lower back, hips and hamstrings. A particular focus on the breath will help you to unravel years of stress and tension. Reclaim your vitality, stand tall and walk with majesty. Props Suggested: One Block and One Blanket

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