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Yoga for the Core

Yoga for the core

The core is the foundation upon which all movement is based. It stabilizes your spine and allows the body to move. Every movement you make is initiated by the core and in order to prevent health problems, it is crucial to keep the core as strong and stable as possible. A strong core will reduce injuries (especially back injuries), improve posture, increase balance and stability and will even aid in digestion.

Looking to improve your core strength? Practicing yoga can help build the underlying muscles to build abs that are both strong, stable and flexible. So this week’s featured classes will leave your core worked and full of strength!

  • Cultivating the Core Sheath with Tias Little: Access the central channel of the body by directly engaging the “core sheath”. Via the all powerful ilio-psoas muscle, the inside legs, and musculature along the spine, this class is an internal guide to the deepest muscles of the body. We aim to use less force and more fine articulations of the core structures that support the yoga bandhas. Suggested Props: Blanket, 2 blocks, strap.
  • Core Fix Up with Claire Missingham: This feisty little class will get you up and going with power. Inspired by the main asanas utilizing the layers of abdominal musculature, you will experience a fantastic pick me up.
  • Core Flow with Dice Iida-Klein: Short and to the point, this flow is sure to fire up your core from all sides. We work the core from the front body, back body and side body using poses like navasana (boat pose), salabhasana (locust pose) and vasisthasana (side plank). Prop use in Surya Namaskar A is sure to get your core fired up as well. Enjoy my fellow yogis! Props needed: Block, Blanket (or Two Paper Plates/Frisbees if you’re on carpet)
  • Journey to the Center of the Body with Felicia Tomasko: Grab a block, strap, and blanket for this class that allows us to take a journey to the center of the body. In this eclectic and creative Hatha Yoga practice, we’ll be integrating an awareness of the deepest muscles of the core to support our body fully. We’ll incorporate downward facing dog and bridge with a block variations to build up to a standing twisting triangle that prepares us to re-emerge from the journey to stand fully and tall on our own two feet. Props: Block, Strap, Blanket
  • Core Chakra with Jo Tastula: This fiery core class focuses on the solar plexus area which is the domain of the 3rd Chakra. We explore personal power and the strength of our own resolve and discipline to manifest. We start with savasana and breath work into the belly, followed by a little taste of abdominal work leading into sun salutation (surya namaskar). Our main flow ignites a fire in the belly with crow (bakhasana) side plank (vasistasana) boat (navasana) and try rolling from the back up into crow for fun. Back bends include locust/bridge/bow (salabasana/setu bandha/danurasana). Free time and guided savasana with visualization to finish. Shine on you crazy diamond!
  • Vertical Core with Tara Judelle: Using slow postures moving from the hips to the heart to the crown of the head, this class uses asana to facilitate feeling into the sweet interior sense of mind through the moving center, feeling center and awareness center

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