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Yoga for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving yoga

The holidays are officially here! While we know that this is a wonderful time filled with lots of  joy, family and friends, we also know that it can be a very stressful time. Not to worry though — yoga to the rescue!  Yoga can alleviate stress due to travel, family and can even help aid in digestion after that big turkey meal.

This week’s featured classes will help reduce stress, prep for a big meal, will help aid in digestion after that big meal and will help you find a way to give thanks during it all – even after a long flight.

  • Yoga Before Big Meals with Jo Tatsula: This is a great pre-holiday class, perfect to take before eating any big meals!! Before we start the flow, take a moment to allow the atmospheres around you and within you to mix and merge. Becoming one with your space. Then it’s a nice steady flowy flow that builds into a dancing warrior sequence using warrior 1 & 2, reverse warrior & extended side angle pose (Virabhadrasana 1 & 2, Utthita Parsvakonasana). We work the actions of side plank (vasistasana) and build to side plank tree (vasistasana vrksasana). Use the heat of the flow to open the chest, lungs and heart with these tasty backbends ~ locust pose,bow & bridge (Salabhasana, Danurasana & Setu Bandha…. Urdhva Danurasana is optional!) Finish with pose of your choice ~ hip opener or inversion. Happy Holidays!
  • Post-Turkey Yoga Flow with Dice Iida-Klein: An all-around flow that geared towards burning off the bird, post turkey day! We begin on our backs to wring out the laziness and make our way into a modified Surya Namaskar A. From there we continue through quite a few standing postures and incorporate our tripod headstand into the flow. We breakdown tripod headstand and a few of the transitions in and out of it. Using danurasana for backbends, we finish with janu sirsasana and paschimottanasana. Down with tryptophan my fellow yogis!!!!
  • Antitode Yoga for Holiday Excess with Felicia Tomasko: Antidote for holiday excess? Stimulate healthy digestion and elimination with a gentle sequence of twists alternating with abdominal strengtheners and forward folds. Take a break two hours after or one hour before you eat to enjoy your food even more.
  • Yoga for Travel with Jason Crandell: When I get off a plane or out of a car, I want to do 3 things: open my hips, fix my back and appreciate that I’m at my destination. This is my go-to practice to re-balance my body. It has just enough movement and strength to make you feel alive, manage your jet-lag, and help reboot your system.
  • Nurture Detox Holiday Yoga with Kathryn Budig: Learn how to nurture and detox your body through the holidays. This class focuses on core work and twists to aid in digestion, detox and deep core appreciation. Enjoy the decadence of the holiday season with the balance of your practice. Trust your gut!
  • Celebrate the Bird Poses with Steven Espinosa: Bird Poses – basic warm up gradually building to vigorous standing pose flow to heat the body. Leading to a series of various “bird poses” to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Instruction includes sanskrit to english translations for bird poses.


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