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Yoga for Compassion

Compassion Yoga

Marc Holzman poses an interesting question. Why is it that we feel so compassionate sometimes and then other times when something happens that would equally stir up compassion, we have no feeling at all? What is it exactly about compassion where sometimes it feels so arbitrary? Do you think we can cultivate a life in which compassion is a fundamental, permanent, on-going condition that we live in? Several studies show how yoga can, indeed, help keep us in the space of compassion from moment to moment.

This week’s featured classes will help with cultivating compassion in your life.

  • Compassionate Backbends with Marc Holzman: Cultivating Karuna. A slow build towards dynamic backbends to open the heart. This is a methodical, flowing, class that incorporates standing poses, thigh stretches, and some nifty tricks to strengthen the back body, open the front of the body, and prep us for a deeper opening. We end with a yummy restorative and short meditation. Props: strap, bolster, block. These props are necessary for the restorative posture at the end of the class. A strap is necessary for the shoulder opening portion at the beginning of the sequence.
  • Cultivate Compassion with Tiffany Cruikshank: A meditation on compassion by the Dali Lama, one of my personal favorites. This is one you will want to repeat, possibly daily. Especially helpful if you are struggling with someone and having trouble making peace with them and just a great overall practice for cultivating compassion in your life.
  • Universal Compassion with David Harshada Wagner: Send your loving kindness, well wishes and light to all beings.
  • Compassion Meditation with Tara Judelle:Tonglen meditation – this version of the Buddhist Meditation for compassion is a transmutational practice to work with charged situations and move them into the loving ground of being.
  • The Warrior Within with Steven Espinosa: Cultivating your inner warrior by finding a balance between strength and sensitivity, courage and compassion, power and grace. Gentle warm up leading up to a strong Standing Pose series focusing on Virabhadrasana (warrior) 1, 2 and 3. Also includes a breakdown of Warrior 3 starting at the wall and then without the wall. Continues with Virasana (hero), Hip Openers (eye of the needle) and Supta Padagustasana (hamstring stretch). Concludes with Back Bends in Setu Banda Sarvangasana (bridge) and/or Urdhva Danurasana (upward facing bow) and Supine Spinal Twists.
  • Four Steps to Self-Compassion with Sally Kempton: Sally helps us to invoke the experience of self-compassion through four steps, and then leads us in a meditation on living AS compassion.

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