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Yoga for Alignment

yoga for alignment

Alignment is the precise way in which the body should be positioned in each yoga pose in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the pose, increase strength & flexibility without causing any pain, and most importantly, to avoid injury. Proper alignment improves circulation, creates inner space in the joints, and brings a balanced flow of energy through the whole body, which leads to health and well being.

This week’s featured classes will give you a deeper understanding of alignment so you can apply it to your postures.

  • Alignment & Enjoyment with Steven Espinosa: An energetic opening warm up with multiple Half and Full Sun Salutations takes us into a consecutive Standing Pose series to create strength and body heat. Focus is on striking a balance between good alignment to enhance the enjoyment of our practice. Continues with two different Hip Openers followed by Hamstring stretch, Back Bends and Spinal Twists. Also includes a brief tutorial on stepping one foot forward from Down Dog into a High Lunge.
  • Deeper Alignment with Tiffany Cruikshank: This is a nice level 1 flow class to teach deeper alignment in a few standing poses like warrior A & triangle pose.
  • Alignment Practice with Marc Holzman: The Three A’s of Anusara Series. In this class we explore the power of the second A (Alignment). What do we individually want vs. what the universe is offering to us? This is a slow, deep, practice focusing on our alignment on the mat and off. A full spectrum class with a segment to improve balancing in handstand by moving further away from the wall.
  • Divine Alignment with Kia Miller: Explore how the way you stand informs each pose you do. Find your true ‘Tadasana- Mountain Pose’ and slowly build to a balancing posture – Warrior 3. Enjoy challenging yourself in this sequence and finding your own Divine Alignment. Props – 2 Blocks.
  • Align with Elena Brower: We are always being guided, helped, aided in some way; our practice is a chance to align with that influence. We will start and end with a restful awareness of your foundation, using subtle alignment cues for your feet while flowing into ever-evolving alignment with the space in our bodies, in any moment. Sweet flow, inversion, hip openers, arm balances, hips and backbends, finishing twists as well as meditation. Strong and delicious.
  • Align & Refine Yoga Postures: Aligning and refining your standing postures
    This sequence will strengthen your thighs, stretch your inner-legs, and improve your understanding of warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana 2) and it’s colleagues, triangle pose (Utthitta Trikonasana) and side-angle pose (Utthitta Parsvakonasana). This thorough practice will not only leave you feeling better, it will refine your understanding of how to align your hips in these essential postures.

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