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Weekend Challenge: Overcome Your Fears

weekend challenge

This week at YogaGlo we focused on Yoga to Overcome Fear. Fear is an interesting thing. As humans, we are built for survival with fear being the gatekeeper. Fear protects us by making us aware of legitimate threats that come our way (which is great if a wild animal approaches us or if someone is chasing us). But as much as fear can protect us, it can also hinder us – hinder us from achieving our goals and dreams, from having successful relationships and from personal growth.

Have you ever stopped to think about how many decisions in your life are fear-based? Friendships, work, relationships, family, your practice? Have you thought about how facing those fears and standing up to them may change your life  . . . for the better? If not, this weekend we challenge you to do just that. Try and identify at least one fear that might be holding you back, face it, stand up to it and let it go. You only have one life, so regain your power and live the fearless life you deserve!

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