Glo is LIVE!

On Monday, August 17th, we're launching our first-ever LIVE classes, allowing you to join your fellow community members from around the globe and practice together in real time.

There’s just something about the magic of practicing with our community. Live classes harness our collective energy and remind us that no matter what’s happening in the world, we can keep moving through it together.

While our on-demand classes give you the flexibility to fill in moments of self-care throughout your busy schedule and tailor your practice to your specific needs, our livestream classes are meant to recreate the energy of the studio experience and provide a sense of community and connection on Glo.

Live classes allow you to join your fellow members from around the globe and practice together in real time. Plus, our teachers can explore topics that are relevant right now and share what’s currently inspiring their own practice.

If you like the accountability of a schedule or have trouble motivating yourself to practice at home, live classes may be perfect for you. We feature a weekly livestream schedule in For You, so you can sign up for classes in advance—just like at the studio. We’ll even send you a reminder before class.

Ready to go LIVE with us? It’s easy:

  1. Head to the For You tab to find the schedule of upcoming live classes in the upper-right-hand corner.
  2. Click “Sign me up” to reserve your spot in advance and we’ll email you a link when it’s almost time for class.
  3. Starting an hour before class, you can either use the link or head to For You to join the countdown until the practice begins. A class that is about to start or already in progress will appear in For You with a red button that says “Join now.”
  4. Once you’ve joined, you can set up and relax. Your teacher will start the class at the scheduled time.
  5. Enjoy practicing live with the community!

We know that self-care may look different every day. Some days, it’s a five-minute meditation wherever you can squeeze it in. On others, it’s blocking off 30 minutes in your calendar to join the Glo community for a live yoga class. Whatever your practice looks like today, we’re here to support it.

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