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Everyone encounters something totally different on their journey, so it’s easy to feel like the obstacles we face are ours alone and could never be overcome. The incredible thing about community, however, is the discovery that though we’re each unique we share common experiences and bonds. 

Whether you are dealing with a tweaky wrist or a broken heart, lower back issues or anxiety, it’s important to know that you’re not alone and we can all learn from each other. In fact, Glo has a support team just for this.

In the coming months, we’ll be sharing stories of how the team at Glo has supported individual members through real exchanges that highlight real issues and experiences. In our first entry, a member struggles to push past anger and shift into productivity, while another is experiencing TMJ pain and needs some help relaxing her jaw.

We’re all struggling with something, but we can draw upon each other’s strengths. Get ready to be inspired and send us your request to, so we can support you too! 

Dear Glo,
I need meditations that help me to harness the anger I’m feeling as a victim of gender bias. My job only employed 6 women out of over 100, those women all worked under uncomfortable circumstances, and I was just fired. I have wasted way too much time being upset by this. If I could have managed this better, I could have used my on new projects and skills. I need meditations to help me be productive while feeling stuck.



I would like to start by saying thank you for taking the time to share your story with us and allowing us to be a part of your journey. We are truly honored to support you and be by your side during this time. Overcoming challenges in the workplace can be incredibly difficult, and I want to make sure you do not feel alone during this time.

I have added a collection titled “Inspiring Productivity” to your Library. I would like to hear how these practices are working for you. Meditation is a personal experience, and some of these might not resonate with you. If they don’t work, that is completely okay. If you have any questions or comments before then, I am here.


Were the classes I added previously working into your practice? I have added a few more into the collection, some movement, some meditations. Please let me know if you need any additional recommendations!


THANK YOU so much. I truly appreciate that you took the time to genuinely hear my struggles and take the time to put together a program to be productive despite the forces of a backbreaking external environment. I was telling a friend how touched I was that you did this for me. She was touched. Wow. A real human-to-human experience with people hearing each other and helping each other.

And yes!!! Your program is helping. The “Short Practice for Gratitude” this morning before starting work set the day into a nice, productive mode. I told another friend about the “Sparkle Jar” concept in that same video, describing it as sweet and reminding me of being in 4th grade. She liked it. I am going to write 3 nice things about her on 3 pieces of paper and ask her to do the same before we go out on Friday, just to do it. Why not? It will be sweet. We both need this.

Thank you so much. Thank you again and again.

Emily’s Collections

Anger Into Inspiration

Transform Anger with Amy Ippoliti
Audio Meditation – 10 min

Find Shelter Within with Stephanie Snyder
Audio Meditation – 10 min

Empowering Your Feminine Strength with Sally Kempton
Audio Meditation – 10 min

Anger Into Inspiration with Kia Miller
Kundalini – 90 min

Inspiring Productivity

Meditation For Clarity and Efficiency with Tiffany Cruikshank
Audio Meditation – 15 min

Reframe the Difficulty with Stephanie Snyder
Audio Meditation – 10 min

Create Your Future with Kia Miller
Audio Meditation – 20 min

Yoga for Computer-Fatigued Eyes with Marc Holzman
Hatha – 5 min

Dear Glo,
I am having severe TMJ pain and I’m looking for a yoga class that can help me relax in hopes of getting my jaw to relax also. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them. Thanks!


Thank you for reaching out to us and letting us know what you are looking for! I created a unique collection of classes just for you and placed it in your account. I named it Facial. I’d love to know how you enjoy these classes. The collection can be edited and personalized at any time. Feel free to add and remove classes to make the collection work best in your practice. Have a wonderful day!

Thank you.  I tried a couple and am starting to feel better.


That’s wonderful! We hope you continue to feel even better. Have a lovely day!

Michelle’s Collection


Yoga for the Jaw with Tias Little
Hatha – 15 min

Facial Yoga with Claudine Lafond
Hatha – 15 min

Facial Reset with Felicia Tomasko
Yin – 10 min

Root of Palate with Richard Freeman
Ashtanga – 15 min

Healing Energy for Neck and Thyroid with Kia Miller
Kundalini – 20 min

Recalibrate Your Neck with Amy Ippoliti
Hatha – 10 min

Daily Neck and Shoulder Maintenance with Kathryn Budig
Hatha – 10 min

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