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The alchemy of practice: transform your challenges into gold

Armed with philosophy, science, mythology, and a little bit of magic, medieval alchemists sought to turn lead into gold. This was not merely a matter of greed. The belief that this base metal could be transformed into a higher form was symbolic of the pursuit of their own highest potential. Distilled to its essence, alchemy is a process of becoming; of discovering the right combination of elements to transform our most challenging emotions and experiences into something of real value. 

Each time we step on the mat we become modern alchemists, isolating the forces that stand in the way of our happiness and transmuting them into something greater. We combine the elements of yoga, meditation, and Pilates to turn our most limiting, reactive feelings into their corresponding emotional gold. We might arrive at our practice to get a great workout or clear our heads, but over time, a profound personal transformation takes place. Maybe we’re anxious about an upcoming project, but it melts away as we lose ourselves in a Warrior flow. Or we arrive at our practice consumed by frustration, then find our way to Savasana with renewed peace of mind. 

No matter our practice of choice – yoga, Pilates, or meditation – when we stay committed and honest with our practice, we begin to transform our challenges into something golden. It’s a hard-won evolution, but over time we catch glimpses of our higher self in action. Whether it’s laying off our horn in traffic or choosing to let go of a grudge—as little by little we better ourselves, we discover the formula for a better world. 

As we approach the new year, everyone seems to be offering their secret to instantly unlocking personal transformation. These supposed shortcuts are certainly tempting, but never forget that you’ve already been engaged in a lifetime of experimentation on what works for you. Before you become swayed by the promise of a quick fix, take some time to consider the practices that truly make you feel better, and those that only led to a struggle. While it’s great to be open to new ideas, it’s important not to abandon your strong foundation.

True transformation is rarely simple and the formula for feeling your best may look different from day to day. But even though evolution takes time, there are plenty of small wins along the way—from the immediate glow when you step off the mat to a deep sleep after a stressful day, We love the practices of yoga, meditation, and Pilates because they offer wide-ranging benefits and experiences that can be finely tuned to your individual needs. There’s no prescription and the exact proportions will vary for everyone. How much and how often is completely up to you.

Ready to create alchemy? These classes will remind you that every challenge holds something golden and transformation is always possible with a little dedication.

Changes, Shifts, & Transformations with Steven Espinosa
Hatha – 60 min

Pilates Meets Mindfulness with Mark Osmundsen
Mat Pilates – 60 min

Fire Practice: Awakening the Force of Spirit with Rod Stryker
Hatha – 90 min

Daily Shift with Kia Miller
Kundalini – 45 min

Purify & Refine: Meditate with the Violet Light with Sally Kempton
Meditation – 15 minM

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