YogaGlo Programs Now on iPhone & iPad!

So many YogaGlo members have been loving our new Programs and you can now take them with you wherever you go! We just added Programs to iOS so you can stay on track with your Programs on your mobile devices and never miss the next class.

Our latest release for iOS is a significant update to the platform and should make Glo-ing with us even easier and more convenient than before. Here are all the improvements we’ve made in addition to adding Programs:

  • Improvement: My Practice has a new top navigation system so you can easily swipe or tap through the different sections more fluidly.
  • Improvement: We’ve removed the Body/Heart/Mind categories from the bottom navigation and added a new section dedicated to Collections. You can now easily find and browse our curated collections of yoga and meditation classes all in one place.
  • Improvement: We’ve moved Search into the bottom navigation for easier access.
  • Improvement: You can now Follow a Teacher directly from the teacher list view.
  • Updated: The “Find a Class” feature has been removed.
  • Updated: New transitions and animations have been added throughout the app.

Haven’t taken one of our new Programs yet? We have four new ones that we think you’ll love:

  • Foundations of Flow with Jason Crandell – A foundational program for people who have active lifestyles. This program is for people who want to learn how to practice yoga safely, strongly and effectively, but want to do a relatively active program.
  • 7 Days to Total Flexiblity with Amy Ippoliti – This 7-day program is designed to systematically open the different areas of your body and bring more mobility into all your muscles and joints. One of the most common objections I hear about practicing yoga is “I’m too tight to do yoga”. And that of course is THE reason to get on the mat!
  • Power, Skill & Breath with Taylor Harkness – Build strength and power without spending time in the gym. Taylor designed this program around his private client training sessions so you build strength, skill and become attuned to your breath in just 9 classes. This program will leave you feeling strong and confident in your body and mind.
  • Yoga for Strength & Stamina with Tiffany – Do you want to build strength and be challenged without a lot of fancy yoga poses? This program offers fun sequences that will help you get stronger and feel better whether you are a new or seasoned yogi.

Download the updated YogaGlo iOS app today to start a YogaGlo Program today!

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