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Better Than Chocolate: Yoga Classes for Valentine’s Day

What’s better than chocolates & flowers? Yoga, of course! Grab someone you love this Valentine’s Day and connect with them in a fun and creative way!

  • Better Together Handstand Training: Handstand requires a steady, consistent practice to master feeling confident in the center of the room. Walk this path with a buddy so you can help one another through strengthening and balance practice and most importantly, celebrate the small victories. Find non attachment and allow the life lessons within the pose to reveal themselves slowly and over time.
  • Good Morning Sweetheart: A sweet practice designed for all you lovers out there. Connect with your partner in a fun and creative way. Begin with a brief seated meditation done back to back, flowing into a nice neck opening with the support of your beloved. Work on synchronizing your breath to deepen your practice. A great practice to do in the morning for a boost, although wonderful to experience any time of day.
  • Partner Meditation: A meditation designed for couples. It can be done with two people in the same space or with one person visualizing their partner.
  • Hold Someone Like You Hold Your Phone: In this digital age, it can seem easier to send someone a text message rather than walk over, look them in the eyes, and address them as a human being. In this partner stretching class, focus on the skill of connecting to someone in real time. With step by step instruction, practice dynamically paced backbends, chest and hips openers. Leave feeling energized, like you could power your phone off and connect with someone anytime.
  • Get What You Need: A partner work class inspired by Thai massage that creates a sweet opportunity to give and receive. Look forward to a variety of movements that encourage length and release in your legs and exercises to create gentle traction for your spine. A delicious way to unwind as a pair at the end of a long day or after travel. Take turns and enjoy! Props Suggested: A blanket.
  • Partner Face to Face: Explore the intimacy of face to face connection. You often go about your day seeing each other without truly seeing each other. A partner practice that is all about letting your guard down and sharing your vulnerability with a partner. You will encounter poses like partner bharadvajasana, navasana, upavistha parivritta konasana and eka pada rajakapotasana. See your true self in the eyes of another.


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