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6 Yoga Classes for Strong Legs

6 yoga classes for strong legs

Looking to get leaner, stronger legs? Strengthen your stems with these 6 yoga classes.

  • Root Your Roots: Root your roots in this leg-focused practice. You should expect eka pada (one-legged) standing asanas like virabhadrasana III, garudasana, and other variations. With ample time spent on your hands, get into your inversion time via two one-minute holds in an inversion of your choice, done in the middle of your room or at a wall. Finish with a good amount of hip and hamstring openers before hitting the floor for savasana. Props Suggested: Wall space.
  • All Good Now, Legs Edition: Feeling like you could use a focused practice just for your glutes, hips, hamstrings, calves, and feet? I got you. A flow through warmups that blend thigh strengthening, firming of the hips, toning of the belly, all with the help of your dynamic breath. Heat building surya A’s along with a uplifting peak sequence that will leave you feeling energized and strong. Props Needed: Two blocks, a blanket and a strap.
  • Energizing the Legs: Why is it important to wake up the legs? In this class we have a brief discussion of the why and how to energize the legs followed by a quick practice to feel grounded and energized through feet and legs that are toned and awake. Props Suggested: A strap, a block, and a blanket.
  • Strong Lower Body Flow: A strong lower body flow without any weight bearing on the arms. This class can be used as a vigorous flow for those with upper body injuries or just as a strong, grounding lower body flow to anchor the mind and settle the spirit. Because of the grounding function of the standing poses this class is also good for traveling, stress or trouble sleep when the mind won’t settle down.
  • Adduction Flow: Although mula bandha is more of an energetic lock than a physical thing, anatomically speaking your adductors and inner leg muscles help create pelvic stability, giving way to the beauty of your root lock. Use a block to create space and strength needed from your pelvic floor to create lightness for inversions like adho mukha vrksasana and pincha mayurasana. Bend back in camel with a block, before cooling down with double pigeon and savasana. Props Needed: A block. Props Suggested: Wall space.
  • Focused Flow for Your Lower Body: Lower body strength and stretch is what this gentle flow class is all about. Strength building, standing and balancing poses, paired with deep stretches make for a perfect combo. Be prepared to experience a well-rounded practice. Full of leg and glute strengtheners, all targeting your lower body in more ways than you thought possible.

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