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6 Classes to Help Tap Into Your Inner Radiance

yoga for radiance

Radiance is our inner light, the projection that we emit from the very core of our being. It’s our presence, and it’s what attracts opportunity and prosperity into our life! Its not only our projection, but it’s our protection.

This week’s featured classes will help you tap into your own inner radiance by energizing the heart center and building your pranic body.

  • Stillness into Radiance with Rod Stryker: This tantric approach to meditation practice will lead you through deepening stages of awareness: first you’ll balance the brain, then drop into increasingly effortless levels of internal, dynamic attention and then culminate in total absorption. Accessible and recommended for all levels of meditators. Prop suggested: One blanket for sitting.
  • Radiant Extension with Mary Taylor & Richard Freeman: This Mary Taylor and Richard Freeman tutorial practice will help you learn to articulate the hands and the feet while connecting the legs and the arms into the lower Psoas muscle. When the structural patterns of the arms and legs come to life, they radiate out from and simultaneously root strongly back into the central axis of the body. Includes detailed breath instruction, surya namaskars, standing poses, seated poses, back-bends and cool-down. Prop Suggested: a blanket or block.
  • Keep the Body Radiant with Kia Miller: This short detoxing kriya can make you a different person. Tap into your own inner radiance. This is a great set to do before meditating. It strengthens your thighs, opens the hamstrings and balances your energy.
  • Your Most Radiant Self with Elena Brower: Thank you Annie Carpenter for your inspiration. Usher in your most radiant, quiet, regal self, standing strong and expanding steadily and sweetly, through a variation on Annie’s super creative sequence of Tree poses.
  • Radiance with Tara Judelle: Focus on using your naval center in order to establish a central pathway of connection from your core to the rest of your body. Explore contracting and expanding poses to learn to support your limbs from the place of your center. Core and sun salutations to warm up, then move through standing poses, uttitha hasta padandgustasana, ardha chandrasana and warrior III along with vinyasas as your transition. Savasana on your own. Props Needed: A block and a blanket.
  • Explore Your Radiant Core with Jo Tastula: Use practice as not only an offering to the body temple, but also as way to look deeper into our radiant core. This class offers a juicy flow of forward bends and twists to wring out the entire skeleton and move into a place of spacious awareness. Enjoy a fun variation of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) that gently, powerfully opens the shoulders, hamstrings and spine. Our peek postures are some blissfull twists… twisting triangle (parivrtta trikona) and twisting half moon (parivrtta ardha chandrasana). Bunny hop handstands and optional forearm balance (pincha mayurasana) for those who want to get vertical. Long opulent savasana to finish.

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