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5 Yoga Classes to Help Cultivate Patience

yoga for patience

We live in a world of immediate gratification where we want everything “right now”. Even in our yoga practice we often want to get that new pose immediately, not allowing ourselves to grow naturally and organically without forcing it.

Being impatient is similar to anger where the only person that is really affected is you. Impatience causes stress and increases the risk of poor decisions and errors. So if you catch yourself in a situation where you are getting impatient, try to breathe deeply and count to ten before you react. After a few calming breaths, you might even try to find amusement in the situation.

This week’s featured classes will help you practice patience both on and off your mat.

  • Patience Grasshopper with Taylor Harkness: Often times, patience and practice are needed for truly finding the alignment and grace within certain postures. Experience a fun flow with deeper twists and hip rotation that climaxes with grasshopper pose, a fun and tricky arm balance. Fear not, if you’re feeling like a cute little bug, a more accessible ‘baby cricket’ pose will be explored as well. Props Needed: Two blocks and a strap.
  • Cultivating Patience with Alex van Frank: Do you ever feel annoyed or agitated and can’t quite get it out of your system? Take yourself from that frenzy to a calm reflection by first heating your body and then slowing it down and listening closely to your mind. Includes some balancing work, twists and relaxation. Props Needed: A blanket
  • Practice Patience with Steven Espinosa: We live in a world of immediate gratification. Where we want everything right now. Even in our yoga practice we sometimes want to get that new pose right now! Yoga helps teach us to embrace and enjoy the process. To allow ourselves to grow naturally and organically without forcing it. So as much as possible, practice patience with yourself today both on and off your mat. Props Suggested: A block.
  • Yinliscious with Claudine Lafond: Stretch your entire back body and explore postures with patience. Lengthen the back lines of your body to create more ease in forward folds, squats and downward facing dog. Start with an intense stretch for your toes and arches, then move up to open your achilles and calf. Stretch the whole back side of your body with long holds in a standing forward fold and plough pose. Props Needed: A block and a bolster.
  • Mama Moves with Elena Brower: A selection of standing poses, a makeshift mudra for patience and a brief meditation that will help all moms find more strength, space and time in the most challenging moments of your day.

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