There's a Class for That

Short On Time Yoga

15 minute yoga

Short on time, but still want that feeling of a strong, powerful practice? We’ve got you covered. This week’s featured classes are short, sweet and effective.

  • Extend to Your Fullest Capacity with Tara Judelle: Expand to your limits. When you move from your core to the distal extremities of your framework you expand like a bird, a flower, or the sun. Work to expand the container of your body, by literally reaching though your furthest ends in expressive poses. Includes standing balance poses like ardha chandrasana, uttitha hasta padangustasana, warrior III, and seated upavista konasana. Props Suggested: One or two blankets.
  • Raven Flow with Chelsey Korus: What can you learn from our feathered friends? A look into how birds take flight and how you can soar just like them. Focus your attention on hip and hamstring opening in order to fly high like a bird. Challenge yourself with this vinyasa in the sky. Props Suggested: A blanket.
  • Move and Breathe with Noah: There is always 15 minutes in the day to practice. Move and breathe to get up and go. Begin in downward facing dog and move through several vinyasas to get your energy flowing. Includes basic standing poses, crescent, warrior 2, trikonasana, parsvakonasana, ardha chandrasana and more with vinyasa transitions between each one.
  • Caregiver Support with Jo: Stay gentle, focusing on receiving support as a caregiver. A light flow with hip openers to finish. Call upon the support of angels with the anchor of your breath. No need to put on a brave face. Honor where you are. Props Needed: A block and a blanket.
  • Quick Pick Me Up with Marla Apt: Awaken and expand with handstand and supported backbends. Elongate your limbs in supta virasana, open your chest in a supported backbend, and balance yourself in shoulderstand. Props Needed: Three blankets, a chair and wall space.

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