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Yoga for Holiday Travel

We know how stressful and uncomfortable travel can be. Sitting in a car, plane or train for hours or even days on end can take a major toll on the mind and body. The good news is that yoga can help alleviate some of the physical and emotional discomfort that a lot of us feel before and after traveling. Happy trails!

This week’s featured classes will help you unwind after a long trip, open your hips after being cramped, and help you create “home” wherever you are.

  • Darren’s Travel Practice with Darren Rhodes: This practice is the morning Hatha yoga practice that Darren does when he travels. This class is casual, conversational, and yet gets the job done. A full spectrum class focusing mainly on standing poses.
  • Post-Travel Grounding with Felicia Tomasko: According to Ayurveda, the process of traveling increases, and often even disturbs, the cold, airy, dry energy of the vata dosha. Connecting to the earth, cultivating warmth, and slowly lubricating the joints help us stay balanced. In this easy-going yin practice, we continue to refer to the principles of the science of Ayurveda to inform our use of hip openers, forward folds, and simple supine twists. By focusing on the seat of the vata dosha in the body (the abdomen, pelvis, and low back), we cultivate the feeling of being grounded and at ease. Much of what happens when we travel is that we lose our sense of time and space, some part of ourselves gets left behind–jet lag, something lags behind. Practice helps us become integrated so we can enjoy our destination and the present moment.
  • Find Home When Traveling with Marc Holzman: Yoga for Travelers. This 30 minute class can be performed before or after you travel to ground your energy and find your sense of home. Various thigh stretches ending in a delicious wall sequence of headstand, viparita karani, and shoulder stand.
  • Clear the Mind & Unwind After Travel with Stephanie Snyder: This practice will help you unwind after travel. Let go of your journey and let your body and mind know that you have arrived! In this class we begin with savasana and end with a breathing kriya that will clear the mind and leave you ready for whatever awaits whether it be relaxing or a business meeting. Prop: Strap
  • Pre-Travel Yoga with Jo Tastula: Arrive at your destination in fine form with this PRE travel class to strengthen your body and your traveling intentions. We work on strengthening the core abdominal, spinal and arm muscles to prepare for lifting heavy bags & sitting in cramped spaces for long periods of time. Short flow with lunges, crescent chest openers, forward bends, plank strengthening exercises, finishing with bridge and a twist!
  • Yoga for Travel with Jason Crandell: When I get off a plane or out of a car, I want to do 3 things: open my hips, fix my back and appreciate that I’m at my destination. This is my go-to practice to re-balance my body. It has just enough movement and strength to make you feel alive, manage your jet-lag, and help reboot your system.

Explore all of our yoga for travel classes so you’ve always got a few handy when you’re on the go.

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