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Cultivate Stability

Whether we realize it or not, all living things yearn for stability. We are constantly seeking to establish harmonious and balanced relationships with ourselves and our environment. But how to do we achieve stability in an often times unstable and unpredictable world? Yoga can help. This week’s featured classes will help us recognize that we have the power to create anchors of stability in our lives and within ourselves.

  • Inner Stability, Outer Fluidity with Chelsey Korus: A powerful way to learn to deal with the instability of life. Learn to transition the legs from binds to extensions and from standing to inverted positions with a fluid outer body and a strong, focused inner body and core.
  • Calm Amidst Turbulence, Steady Amidst Change with Rod Stryker: In this practice, forward bends, twists, and longer holds will lead you to an incredible sense of stability and calm. Discover the power of stillness, calm in the midst of turbulence, and steady in the midst of change. The very qualities that allow us to embody yoga to the fullest.
  • Explore Standing Asanas, Find Stability During Upheaval with Claire Missingham: To gain better understanding of the standing asanas, the alignment and then how to place them in the flow – as this is often the quickest moving part of a class, there could be the tendency to rush through and not pay enough attention to detail. Also, this is a great class to ground you and stabilize you during any upheaval. Prop needed: Block
  • Balance for Vata Dosha with Marc Holzman: Vata Dosha holds the elements of Air and Space which, when out of balance, can bring feelings of being hyper-mobile, dry, cold, and excessive light & expansion to the extent of ungrounded-ness. In this class we will cultivate a practice to encourage opposite energies to promote balance through: warmth, stability, grounding, focus and JUICINESS! Our pace will be slow, smooth, steady, and fluid. Props Suggested: a strap and blanket.
  • Stability & Flexibility with Steven Espinosa: Strong Level 1 challenging enough for beginners and intermediate students. Steady opening warm up leads into an energetic Standing Pose flow with Warriors 1, 2 & 3 for strength and endurance. Focus is on establishing stability to create greater flexibility. Continues with Utkatsasana (Chair) and Parivrtta Utkatasana (Twisting Chair). Followed by Hip Opener in Agnistambhasana (Firelog) also includes brief tutorial to safely engage hamstring stretch in Hanumanasana (Monkey). Continues with Back Bends in Bridge and/or Upward Facing Bow, Spinal Twist and brief Savasana.
  • Turn Your Fear into Stability with Elena Brower: With this practice we transmute any “heavy” energy – sadness, grief or fear – into grounding stability. Through this sweet flow sequence, with interesting use of the back foot leading into anjaneyasana, even forearm stand, we will address the musculature of your legs and groundedness of your feet in order to transmute what’s weighing us down energetically into a strong and steady foundational energy.

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