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Yoga for a Sound Sleep

Have you ever had such a harried, stressful day that unwinding and getting a truly restful night’s sleep is a challenge? You’re not alone! We live in such a fast-paced environment where our senses are constantly being stimulated that sometimes we just can’t stop the wheels from turning. The good news is that yoga can help us slow down, re-center, and prepare for a night of sleep that is restorative and transformative. Imagine a world in which we’re all sleeping better – that’s a world we’d like to create with you!

This week’s featured classes will help you make the transition from your busy day to a restful evening.

  • Prep for Deep Sleep with Rod Stryker: This sequence will slow you down, calm your nervous system, and unwind tension – the perfect preparation for deep and sound sleep. Whether you sleep well or not, this practice will benefit you by helping to center you and lead you to glorious grounding, calm, and ease. Prop Suggested: Strap
  • Back to Sleep with David Harshada Wagner: A soothing, restful meditation to help people when they can’t get to sleep or have woken up in the middle of the night.
  • Evening Sleep Prep Flow with Tiffany Cruikshank: Unwind with a flow that will get you moving right away and then ease off into stillness. We’ll meet the restlessness of the mind with movement and then slowly ease in so the mind settles and prepares for a deep restful sleep.
  • Let Go & Let Sleep with Jo Tastula: This class offers loving support for insomniacs. Grab a your pillow or blanket if you have one and enjoy this dreamy guided practice of letting go. Very simple spinal rolls while seated on the floor or on a chair, abdominal breathing, spinal twist and full guided savasana. Let go and let sleep!
  • Insomnia Practice with Elena Brower: If you’re still awake, treat yourself to this sequence of forward bends, plow pose and shoulderstand. With a combination of strong alignment and quiet rest, return your system to homeostasis and get thee to sleep.
  • Calm Your Nervous System for Sound Sleep with Felicia Tomasko: Get ready for a sound sleep with this Ayurvedically-themed practice that focuses on calming the nervous system and reducing the vata dosha that may be in excess or out of balance. We use circular motions of the joints, including the shoulders, chest and hips to release pent-up tension in the joints before a supported forward fold, bridge moving the breath and ending with legs up the wall to calm the nervous system.

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