The language of meditation

The Power of Meditation

Meditation is an extremely powerful tool that gives balance physically, emotionally and mentally and its countless values have been known and practiced for thousands of years. Several studies show that the benefits of meditation are endless, from inner peace and relaxation to slowed or controlled pain of chronic diseases.

This week’s featured meditation classes will help you set the tone for your day, find your center in a moment of stress and help you explore your limitless potential.

  • Five Elements of Meditation with Sally Kempton: Sally leads you through a meditation on the 5 elements in your body, and their interconnection with the elements in nature.
  • Ultimate Surrender Savasana with Giselle Mari: Sometimes the only asana you need is Savasana. Take a load off, lay down and let go while I guide you into a deep relaxation through each section of your body/mind container, ultimately surrendering into complete silence to savor and marinate in a space of pure liquidity. Props Suggested: Three Blankets
  • Embodying Deep Serenity with Tias Little: In this seated meditation, Tias guides you into the interior of your mind and heart through clear anatomical detail and beautiful imagery. His careful and loving guidance encourages a sublime connection to the subtle body. This meditative journey inspires a direct experience of true serenity. Props Needed: A bolster and a blanket.
  • Awaken Your Motivation with Rod Stryker: Motivation for self esteem, motivation and inspiration. By learning to direct and collect awareness in the navel center we awaken the most positive and life affirming qualities of the mind. Prop Suggested: Blanket to sit on.
  • Sattvic Alignment with Marc Holzman: When the body/mind are in sattvic alignment, a deeper meditation is more accessible: Asana/Pranayama/Meditation. We’ll do a short and simple 5 minute asana practice to move energy through the body, 2 minutes of alternate nostril pranayama to soothe and balance the nervous system, and approximately 10 minutes of meditation using a simple mantra as a tool to go deeper.
  • Deep Relaxation with David Harshada Wagner: This is a guided session of ujjayi pranayama, with intervals of ujjayi breath and regular breathing. The sustained practice will serve as a deeply relaxing session. Props Suggested: A blanket and a bolster.


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