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Yoga for Holiday Recovery & Detox

Yoga for Holiday Recovery and Detox

Despite our best intentions, most of us tend to overdo it during the holidays. By the time the New Year roles around we are left feeling completely depleted and in need of a serious mind/body overhaul. The good news is that yoga helps facilitate your body’s natural detox process, wringing out all of the excess we accumulate during the holidays.

This week’s featured classes will help to release the toxins and stress that build up in your body during the holiday season.

To get you started without searching, we are highlighting six classes in a variety of styles, levels and durations that are designed to deeply rinse and cleanse you on every level.

  • Flush Out Toxins, Cleanse the Body & Mind Tiffany Cruikshank: A short detox flow to flush out toxins and cleanse the body and mind. We will use the breath and movement to pump the blood through the abdominal organs as a refresher for the whole body. This class uses breath work and cardiovascular movement to increase circulation around the liver and digestive organs to help move stagnation and enhance detoxification. If you have a block, strap and blanket we will use them but there are modifications if not. A nice detox used on its own or in conjunction with a dietary modifications to help give your body a fresh start. Props: Block, Strap, and Blanket optional
  • Ayurvedic Detox with Felicia Tomasko: According to the principles and practices and Ayurveda, movement and healthy circulation are essential for good health and overall well-being. If we’re not careful, we may stagnate and become sluggish creatures from the swampy lagoon. This detoxifying yet slow but sweet practice incorporates Ayurvedic philosophy and techniques to enhance health by counteracting our tendency to collapse via opening the side body. This series has an effect on the body a bit like taking out the trash, allowing a fresh sense of internal renewal. Our practice includes a lot of side poses, pigeon, bridge with a block, twists, pigeon, and downward facing dog.
  • Twisting Flow for Detox with Dice Iida-Klein: This flow is aimed at detoxing the body via twists, hip and low back opening, as well as a decent amount of core work from our hands and backs. Tossing aside our usual Warrior 2, Parsvakonasana and Ardha Matsyendrasana, we explore Anjaneyasana, Crescent pose, revolved Crescent and revolved half-moon along with twists upside down and standing. Handstand options are given throughout of course! A light forward fold sequence follows to top it all off. No major backbends in this flow my fellow yogis. Enjoy!
  • Ready, Set, DETOX with Marc Holzman: If you’ve had a rough night, live in a polluted city, or simply feel it’s time to cleanse the organs, here are 6 poses you can do to fight free radicals and remove toxins. Two blocks, a blanket and free wall space recommended.
  • Detox and Rejuvenate with Kia Miller: This fun class consists of dynamic movements that energize and detoxify the body, specifically the liver, colon and stomach. Take this class to move stagnation out of the body and promote deep healing. Kickstart a healthier version of you! Class includes mantras: Sa Ta Na Ma, Hari Har and Hum Dum Har Har Har Har Hum Dum. Enjoy!
  • Energizing Detox with Stephanie Snyder: This is a complete practice that will challenge you and keep you moving through a fluid sequence. This class includes creative sun salutations, strong warrior 1 and warrior 2 standing sequences, core strengthening, twists, hip openers and backbends (Dhanurasana, Urdvha Dhanurasana). You will feel energized and detoxified!

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