The language of meditation

Weekend Challenge: Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” ? Rumi

We’ve all had heated discussions or arguments where voices were raised or have had moments where we yell at our spouse, a family member or our kid. But if you look back at those times, did the yelling actually accomplish anything? Do you think you got your point across to the other person? Were you able to get the result you were looking for? From our experience, we’re going to guess that the answer is no. All you do when you raise your voice is get the other person to stop listening to you. Everything you say from the “raised voice point” or the “yelling point” forward is just falling upon deaf ears.

So this weekend, if you really want someone to “hear” you, we challenge you to remember that it’s your words (and tone) that are effective and have meaning, not how loud you say them.

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