My Yoga Moment: Kick Up Your Feet

My Yoga Moment

Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for many years, we all have a “moment.” A moment where something shifted and our practice allowed us to see ourselves and the world around us in a different way. A moment where we fell out of a pose and laughed and it was everything. A moment that showed us we’re stronger than we realized. A moment where we finally kicked up into headstand on our own and couldn’t believe it. A moment where we could finally let it all go and just be.

That “moment” is different for everyone and this summer we want to celebrate YOUR yoga moments. We also want to acknowledge the many yoga studios all over the world that make so many incredible yoga moments possible. Want to share your yoga moment with us? Here’s how.

This week’s Yoga Moment comes from Kim Issac during her practice at Kathryn Budig’s “Kick Up Your Feet” workshop.

“I recently attended a workshop taught by Kathryn Budig called “Kick Up Your Feet”. The workshop focused on arm balances. Although I can do some arm balances fairly well, I have to admit I was nervous even after 8 years of practicing yoga. After all, this was Kathryn Budig and she is the queen of arm balances. But she is also very playful and she makes yoga fun, so even though I was focused, I was also relaxed and enjoying myself. When she finally got to crow pose, I was pretty happy because it is one of my two favorite arm balancing poses. As I watched Kathryn demonstrate how to get into the pose, I noticed the things that she does differently from me. When I tried it her way, I was able to get my knees higher on my arms and float higher in the air. Of course, the minute that I realized what was happening, I started to think and I fell out of the pose. But I had been there, just for a moment, and I started to cry. That was my yoga moment and it was perfect.”

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