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Yoga Tutorials

In order for our practice to truly evolve, it is important that we brush up on the foundation of our yoga poses. We can have all of the strength and experience in the world, but if we don’t understand the mechanics of the poses, than how will we be able to bring our practice to the next level?

From Chatturanga & Up-Dog, to Inversions & Savasana, we’re breaking down all of your favorite poses so you can safely and effectively get the most out your practice.

You can use our Search Feature to search through all of our Yoga Tutorials on your own. To get you started without searching, we’re highlighting six tutorial classes in a variety of styles, levels and durations.

  • Jump Through Prep with Jodi Blumstein: Jodi teaches a method for moving from downward dog to a sitting position while maintaining breath, bandhas and drishti. This method is very helpful for building a strong jump through.
  • Chatturanga and Up Dog Tutorial with Jason Crandell: Most students have a significant gap in their education when it comes to chatturanga and up-dog. Although these poses form the backbone of vinyasa yoga, they are rarely taught. This tutorial is designed to help you practice these poses more safely, slowly and patiently. Yes, these poses require strength, but, even more, they require understanding. If possible, I encourage you to watch this tutorial once, then watch it a second time and practice along.
  • Kick Up Tutorial with Dice Iida-Klein: Kicking up into handstand is one thing, but truly kicking up with control both on your ascent and descent into handstand another. This short tutorial uses a blanket and a block and teaches yogis how to kick up into handstand with control, moving from the core center. With a block between our legs and sliding the blanket back and forth to our mat, we start to engage the belly in ways we never thought possible. From toe tips to finger tips we find full engagement. Fly on my fellow yogis!
  • Inversion & Arm Balance Shoulder Mechanics Tutorial with Tiffany Cruikshank: This is a tutorial on the shoulder mechanics for any weight bearing postures. We will quickly dissect the anatomy of the shoulders and how to position the shoulders when we’re on our hands. A great class for injury prevention or for working with a shoulder injury as well as for anyone trying to develop strength & support for inversions & arm balancing.
  • Evening Practice & Savasana Tutorial with Amy Ippoliti: That’s right, the peak pose is savasana, broken down after a calming, sleep inducing practice.
  • Standing Poses Tutorial with Darren Rhodes: Prepare for level 2 with Darren Rhodes as he offers tips for finding steadiness in standing poses. This tutorial offers guidelines for setting up your foundation for several types of standing poses.

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