The Language of Yoga

Weekend Challenge: Embrace Change

weekend challenge

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” — Chinese Proverb

As human beings, we tend to fear and resist change. There is a strong preference to the familiar — we find great security and comfort in routine and habit. When change occurs, it forces us to make adjustments to our environment that we are not necessarily comfortable with in order to try and adapt to these new changes. We tend to be creatures of habit, so adapting can be very difficult to do for some people, yet it is one of the most essential life skills.

So we have two choices: we can embrace the changes that will (and they will) occur and adapt to them or we can put up walls to try and fight to prolong the inevitable.

This weekend, we challenge you to embrace and start adapting to the changes that may be occurring in your life, on the mat and off.


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