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Yoga for the Immune System

yoga for the immune system

It’s that time of year again. Yep, you guessed it. Cold and flu season. While everyone is bound to suffer from the occasional cold, the practicing yogi is less likely to come down with it and if they do, their recovery time is a lot quicker. Several studies show how yoga can help strengthen your immune system, making you less susceptible to those crummy colds. They say that the best treatment is prevention, so make sure you give a little extra love to your mat during this time of year.

This week’s featured classes will help regulate and boost the immune system, keeping it strong and healthy.

You can use our new Search Feature to search through all of our Yoga for the Immune System classes on your own. To get you started without searching, we’re highlighting six classes in a variety of styles, levels and durations that are designed to regulate and boost your immune system.

  • Immunity for Fall with Dice Iida-Klein: This class is focused on ridding the body of toxins and impurities via deep twists, a good amount of folds and a nice dose of inversions through handstands. We venture through postures like twisted lunge (knee up and down), twisted half moon pose, twisted triangle and ardha matsyendrasana. For folds we incorporate seated fold, standing fold, seated wide legged fold and standing wide legged fold. We finish with a supine sequence from the floor. Enjoy my fellow yogis and stay healthy this fall/winter!
  • Get Grounded When Deeply Fatigued & Depleted with Jason Crandell: Got stress? Got a cold? So stressed that you got a cold? Stressed that you have a cold (yes, I could go on…)? This practice will treat you well if you are struggling with either or both. Designed to be practiced when you are feeling depleted, this practice is mellow, grounding, and soothing. It will patiently open your body, encourage circulation in your upper-extremities and allow you to move deliberately even when you are deeply fatigued. Best of all, you’ll feel a little better afterward.
  • Immune System 101 with Jo Tastula: A brief overview of what it is and how it works AND some super easy and effective exercises that you can do ANYWHERE to help boost your immune system. Learn body tapping for skin stimulation, swinging arms kidney massage, lymphatic drainage sun salutations and positive thinking hip openers. I hope this class motivates you to a new level of health!
  • Release Fatigue with Harshada Wagner: A great meditation for those moments when we are run-down, tired and feeling drained.
  • Strengthen Your Immune and Lymphatic System with Felicia Tomasko: This immune-strengthening class focuses on hip openers, twists and functional core strength. These long holds of deep expansive poses help you feel taller, release tension and flush out the lymphatic system for full-body immune-boosting, rest and restoration-promoting balance.
  • Balance Your Systems to Support Your Immunity with Elena Brower: Informed by Lori Batcheller’s April 2009 article in FitYoga, this sequence clears the pathways to and from your organs to balance your systems and support your immunity. In each pose, you’ll learn the benefits and intentions that will optimize your wellness.



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