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One of the most important elements of yoga is our breath. Also known as Pranayama. Over the course of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not, our breath becomes quick and shallow. Constricted breathing can lead to lack of oxygen to the blood and to the brain which can result in a number of health problems. Several studies show that proper breathing sends oxygen to every single cell in your body which purifies the blood stream and in turn, will help all the internal organs function properly.

This week we are focusing on developing your breath’s depth and rhythm to unblock restrictions:

You can use our new Search Feature to search through all of our Yoga for Breath/Pranayama classes on your own. To get you started without searching, we’re highlighting six classes in a variety of styles, levels and durations that are designed to help heal the body and clear the mind.

  • Advanced Breath Meditation with Harshada Wagner: Pranayama is the art of using the breath to heal the body and quiet the mind. In this 30 minute session, Harshada guides a simple but powerful sequence of deep breathing exercises.
  • Daily Pranayama Practice with Kia Miller: Energize yourself with this simple but effective practice of pranayama. This is a wonderful daily practice.
  • Breath Flow with Dice Iida-Klein: A level 2 flow that is focused on the Breath. Alignment points are given throughout the practice, but we try to connect to our breathing regardless of the difficulty of the asana. This is a full spectrum class with external and internal poses, as well as inversions, backbends, twists and forward folds. Enjoy yogis!
  • Cultivate Awareness of Your Breath with Jason Crandell: 100 out of 100 yoga teachers are likely to say that breathing is the most essential element of the hatha and vinyasa yoga practice. Yet, how often do teachers actually teach how to breath smoothly and skillfully? Speaking for myself, not often enough. This practice will create deep relaxation in your body and mind by cultivating awareness of your breath and subtle energy.
  • Introduction to Pranayama with Christina Sell: This gentle introduction to pranayama is perfect for the new student who wishes to develop a pranayama practice. Basics of reclined posture and seated posture are reviewed while guidance is given for how to create and maintain a full yogic breath and how to establish ujjayi pranayama.
  • Pranayama with Jodi Blumstein: The focus of this class is Pranayama. We begin with a discussion of Pranayama and an introductory practice, then we do the half primary with the focus on the breath and the subtle energy body.

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