What pose always calms you down in a pinch?

Ask a Yogi Series

You’ve practiced with them on YogaGlo. You’ve followed them on Facebook. You might even take their classes in person once in awhile if they travel to or live in your city. But how well do you know our YogaGlo teachers? We’ve created a new series, Ask a Yogi, so you can learn more about them by asking questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

From favorite poses and tips for beginners to deeper questions about how their practice has changed their worldview, our teachers will collectively answer a new question each week. If you have a question you’d like to “Ask a Yogi” let us know in the comments or email us at hello@yogaglo.com and we’ll add your questions to the list. Today’s Ask a Yogi question is:

  • Elena Bower: Jnana Mudra. No joke. I do that mudra and time stops.
  • Jason Crandell: Ha! If it were that simple! I suppose it depends on how not calm I am! If  I’m only a bit uneasy, 3 minutes in down dog tends to work some serious magic. If I’m really coming apart at the seams it takes a little bit more time and intervention!
  • Tiffany Cruikshank: I love humble warrior, headstand or pincha. That sensation of the head hanging and the ability to just linger there and let the brain rest on the top of the skull. For me it feels like a big Ahhh moment where my brain can finally rest. Those moments are like the days when you can sit and meditate and it seems in sync, it’s priceless.
  • Steven Espinosa: It’s not really a pose but just breathing deeply and fully always calms and settles me down. Whether I’m stuck in traffic or just plain stressed out it always does the trick. I shared a story in my YogaGlo class about a recent visit to the doctors office for an annual check up. After the doctor took my blood pressure, I was told it was up. Like, way up! So I asked for some time alone and I just focused on my breath. Ten minutes later, he came back in and it was down to a reasonable place. He asked me what I did and I said “just breathed.” That’s a true story.
  • Marc Holzman: Any in which my head is below my heart (Inversions). Since I travel often, and I am prone to severe vata imbalances, I have a handful of poses that I can whip out in a pinch to activate my parasympathetic nervous system. Any of these will do the trick: 5 minute Uttanasana with my head pressed into 2 blocks, 3 minute Prasarita Padottanasana with my head pressed into a block, 5-10 minute headstand (heats my body but cools my mind), simple Child’s Pose brings me directly back into myself or a 10 minute supported Supta Baddha Konasana on bolster: feet, butt, back on the bolster – shoulders and head on floor, legs and feet supported by a belt and add an eye pillow to this (or any supine pose) and I’m good to go.
  • Amy Ippoliti: Legs up the wall pose, and lately, I’ve been digging legs up a fit ball where I twist my legs from side to side. It cracks my back and juices up my spine and I instantly feel better!
  • Tara Judelle: Uttanasana, standing forward bend. With deep breathing.
  • Kia Miller: Any deep forward bend with long deep breathing.
  • Jo Tastula: Child’s pose and if that fails then happy baby. Who can stay mad in happy baby??
  • Harshada Wagner: Here I guess I am kind of weird. I am pretty calm usually and actually enjoy being stimulated. I teach meditation all day most days, so I usually need something opposite that vibe. So when I get like that, I like to ride my Harley while listening to loud music. Sometimes it is kirtan- sometimes it is something like Black Sabbath or Johnny Cash. My motorcycle is kind of loud to the outside world and the music is loud in my headphone (I only wear one for safety). I ride around and make a big noise and go fast. Playing with my baby son or just being in his presence also gives me a tremendous balance.

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