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New Yoga for a New Year

New Year, New Yoga, New Perspective

It is often said that any New Year’s resolution worth sticking to should be started not on January first, but in the second week of January. After the holiday decorations are put away, after you get back to a regular work routine, after the pressure of kicking it all off on the very first day of the year subsides.

We’ve added several classes over the past week to help you work your way into a new intention, a new focus, or a renewed commitment to your practice. If it is clearing away the mental clutter you seek, if it is a twisting flow to cleanse your body or a time to celebrate the beauty of life and all that awaits us in the New Year, we’ve got a New Year yoga class just for you:

  • New Year Flow with Kathryn Budig – Happy New Year! Set your intention and then stoke the fire through this strong flow intended to keep you on track:)
  • Where Did the Time Go? with Jason Crandell – Drop in, register, and take a breath — it’s the New Year (or, any other time for that matter). If you’ve ever thought “wow, a whole year went by and I barely noticed it,” this practice is for you. This all-around flow practice is focused on helping you practice the skill of being present. Sure, you’ll stretch, strengthen, cleanse and more, but the real focus here is registering and savoring each moment.
  • Wipe the Slate Clean with Felicia Tomasko – Wipe the slate clean through this cleansing soft Yin practice that uses the principles of Ayurveda to encourage the processes of releasing whatever needs to be relased in order to fully nourish ourselves. Whether we’re letting go, starting the new year, negotiating family, recovering from an illness, or living our daily lives, cleansing is an important part of allowing ourselves to be nourished. This practice uses a block and bolster for supported backbends, twists, and a soft forward fold.
  • Firm Resolution Meditation with Harshada Wagner – Set your resolution and declare it to the universe.
  • Align with Elena Brower – We are always being guided, helped, aided in some way; our practice is a chance to align with that influence. We will start and end with a restful awareness of your foundation, using subtle alignment cues for your feet while flowing into ever-evolving alignment with the space in our bodies, in any moment. Sweet flow, inversion, hip openers, arm balances, hips and backbends, finishing twists as well as meditation. Strong and delicious.
  • Cleansing Flow with Tiffany Cruikshank – A cleansing vinyasa flow class meant to give the body a good rinse from the inside out. We’ll twist, fold, invert and bend back. Pure bliss indeed!
  • Calm Breath vs. Calm Mind with Steven Espinosa – When we calm our breath, we calm our mind, our bodies central nervous system settles, allowing us to be at more peace within our own heart. Strong Level 1 class with steady opening warm up including Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar). Followed by Standing Pose flow with emphasis on fluid breath with body movement to focus the mind. Also includes brief Tutorial on proper shoulder/upper back alignment in Cobra (Bhujangasana). Continues with several poses linked together with spinal twists, hips and thigh openers. Ends with Back Bend in Bow Pose (Danurasana), Reclining Hamstring Stretch (Supta Pandangustasana) and Savasana.

Join us this year as we shift our perspective and embrace all the beauty that awaits us. Enjoy!

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