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What the Chakra – Week Three


Have you been following along with the chakra goodness each week? If you haven’t, there’s no time like the present to dive in. This week, Harshada Wagner and Elena Brower explore the third chakra in different ways:

  • Third Chakra Meditation –  Belly Chakra. This meditation focuses on the manipura energy center located in the core of the abdomen. In today’s world, this chakra is a major one for us. When the contraction here goes, a big freedom ensues! Keep with it. This is also a great one to touch in on during the day. “Gut check” yourself from moment to moment and allow space and freedom there.
  • Third Chakra Practice – Manifest Transformation. Ignite the fire of your will and take action, in practice and in your life. Feel into your solar plexus, the spirit of the light in your body, through a series of standing poses and arm balancings, leading into seated twists and meditation.

Have you had a chance to take these classes and work with your third chakra yet? It is powerful stuff! Let us know how your chakra practice is coming along and if you have any questions. We’re all learning so it’s a safe space to ask away!

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