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yoga for runners

Yoga for Runners
Yoga for Runners

Relief for Runners

Yoga is a perfect complement to running, as it can help cultivate freedom, balance and flexibility in the lower body so you can stay injury-free and running for years to come.…


Yoga for Runners

From tight hip flexors and hamstrings to achy knees and low back pain, repetitive running without cross training can inhibit your athletic performance and cause injury. Yoga is great for runners as it can help cultivate freedom, balance and…

yoga for cross-training
Athletes There's a Class for That

Yoga for Cross-Training

Running. Surfing. Dance. Skiing, Golf, Boxing, Climbing. Hockey. Soccer. Tennis. It's hard to find a sport where yoga isn't suggested to help enhance an athlete's overall performance. Several studies show how integrating a yoga practice in to your training…