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6 Yoga Classes for Athletes

From running and cycling, to boxing and rock climbing, it’s hard to find a sport where yoga isn’t suggested to help enhance an athlete’s overall performance. Integrating a yoga practice into your training regimen can help your body recover from the demands of cross-training, improving your recovery, performance and comfort.

This week’s featured classes will help you gain strength, flexibility and stamina for the sports you love.

  • Prepare for Snowboarding with Stephanie Snyder: Strengthen your legs, fine-tune your balance reflex, and get your core online. Practice keeping your mind laser focused but also release into the flow to support you for a great season. A combo of floor, core and standing pose work that will not tax your body but awaken your innate intelligence for a great day on the mountain!
  • Hips and Hammies for On the Go Athletes with Dice Iida Klein: An accessible practice designed for athletes who want to build strength and mobility. Open your anterior and posterior chain of your legs and pelvis. Focus primarily on creating movement around your pelvis, hips, and hamstrings as you flow through an effective set of postures such as lunges, forward folds and hip opening stretches. Great before or after a strenuous training session or a heavy leg day. Make this practice a part of your fitness routine!
  • Shoulder, Wrist and Hip Care for Climbers with Taylor Harkness: Climbing is a great way to stay strong. However, it also overworks your anterior body. Adding some balance with yoga will only add efficiency when setting a route. Expect shoulder stretches, wrist releases and hip openers, all designed to add a new edge to your climbing skills. Great to do both before and after your climbing workout. Props Needed: Two blocks.
  • IT Band and Side Body Release for Runners with Jason Crandell: Running may keep your mind sane and body healthy, but it beats up your IT band along the way. Release the excess tension in your IT band, outer hips and quads. Help your body recover from the demands of running, improving your recovery, performance and comfort of your lower back and help you breath more deeply. Prop Needed: A strap.
  • Core Potential for Cyclists with Amy Ippoliti: An all around cross training practice that emphasizes core strengthening and stretching for maximum performance on your bike. Use fundamental yoga asanas like chair and lunges to work instead of the common sit up. Working this part of your body not only increases your endurance, but helps support your legs and upper body when engaging in longer or more strenuous rides.
  • Cross Training for Hockey, Soccer & Boxing with Tiffany Cruikshank: This class is specifically aimed at hockey & soccer players as well as boxing or other sports that involve side to side movement & rotation. We look at the tension in the outer thighs and hips and the rotational component of these sports as well as the fatigue of the quads. This is meant to be used between trainings as a cross training or can be used in post sport if needed.

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