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Pose of the Week: Fish Pose

In this week's Pose of the Week, Steven Espinosa demonstrates Fish Pose or Matseyasana. A gentle approach to a wonderful supine heart opener. Take a look at two variations of the pose, one more slightly advanced than the other.…

overheard in yoga class
Overheard in Class

Secret Strength

In this week's Overheard in Yoga Class, Richard Freeman explains that apana is the pattern throughout your body controlling exhaling and grounding.…

Overheard In Class
Overheard in Class

Inner Beloved

Sally Kempton explains that once we establish a relationship with the inner beloved, then it becomes an anchor, a point where we can continually return to for nourishment and love. …

overheard in yoga class
Overheard in Class

Longevity of Practice

In this week's Overheard in Yoga Class, Darren Rhodes explains that sometimes in order to keep your practice sustainable and to avoid burnout, try throwing 100% out the window. …

the language of yoga
The Language of Yoga

The Language of Yoga: Guru

The one in whom you perceive the presence of the Self, who inspires you, who teaches the intricacies of the spiritual path, and who guides, supports, cajoles, challenges, and corrects, is the Guru. …