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Be your own guide: Introducing the Glo Meditation Timer

What does it mean to “keep time”? 

In many ways, we need to let go of time in order to have it. We feel more relaxed about our time when we know it is held. Knowing someone else is “keeping time” for us allows us to be more present in many ways. 

Guided meditations have always been an important part of the Glo platform. After all, meditation practices are not separate from yoga practices. On the contrary, physical yoga postures were developed long after meditation existed as one of the ways to support meditators through long periods of sitting. 

The guided meditation practices on Glo are meant to help busy minds find a place to land. While they’re a wonderful tool for anyone who has trouble focusing on their own, it’s important to note that meditation was not originally done this way. Traditionally, a teacher would give their student a practice and the student would… just practice it. On their own. In silence. This way of practicing can be extremely challenging—but also extremely beneficial. And that is why we are now offering you both. 

We’ve just launched our Meditation Timer in the Glo app for iOS in order to support the next step in your meditation journey. The timer is a way for you to be your own guide—to drop in, get quiet, and really connect with yourself. You can choose from a variety of gentle interval chimes and closing sounds, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the present moment without feeling tempted to keep checking the time. You also have the option to set a relaxing ambient sound, creating a “white noise” effect that can help reduce distractions.

To begin your first self-guided meditation session, simply head to the Library Tab within the Glo app for iOS, tap the Timer icon, then follow the prompts to customize your session:

Meditation is an inner journey with many stages. We want to give you choices and help you practice your own way. With that in mind, here are a few creative ways you could use the timer:

  • Try a tandem meditation. To get used to meditating on your own, try adding a few minutes with the timer after your next guided meditation, while your mind is still focused.
  • Warm-up your mind. Take one minute to settle down and get focused before jumping into a physical practice.  
  • Use it as a listening tool. Sit down with someone you are having a conflict with and set the timer for three minutes each. Allow each person to speak uninterrupted for the full three minutes.
  • Set an intention each morning. Upon waking, set the timer for one minute and declare to yourself who you will be today. No matter what does or doesn’t get done, who will you be?
  • Start a gratitude practice. At the end of each day, as you are winding down for sleep, set the timer for one minute, close your eyes, and consider a few things you are grateful for.
  • Have a quiet cool down. Try taking one minute of stillness after a strong class. This will allow the benefits of your practice to integrate before you jump into the next thing.


When we’re learning an instrument, we’re taught chords, scales, and drills. But eventually, to truly play, we have to drop the techniques and let the music flow. Meditation is just like that. If you’ve been meditating for some time and practicing your technique, allow yourself space—and time—to let it all go and play…

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