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Blossoming inside: Personal growth during quarantine

Right now, with our way of living radically altered, we’re all being thrown for a loop by change. Yet even in the best of times, change is constant. It just doesn’t necessarily take us in the direction we want to go. Growth, on the other hand, isn’t promised. It’s a process of fulfilling our potential through effort; the tendency many living things have of moving toward the light. If you’ve ever seen a plant twist and snake its way toward a window, you’ll know that growth doesn’t follow the path of least resistance. 

Change may feel easier in the short term, like when we alter ourselves to please others or avoid our mistakes. But we’re not going to develop the skills we need to flourish in this way. True growth means facing our shortcomings (we all have them) without beating ourselves up. It’s a lifelong process of actively working to better ourselves while still accepting exactly where we’re at all the while. This artful balance is by no means simple to achieve, but the more we practice, the easier it becomes.

When you’re engaged in the process of growth, it’s tempting to want to take giant leaps and make a splash. But when our grand visions lack practical steps we’re often left feeling immobilized and defeated. Right now many of us are feeling pressure to “succeed” at staying in. We convince ourselves we’re wasting time if we don’t do something big—launch a side gig, conquer an athletic goal, or complete a complicated home project. 

However, measuring our success by the number of participants in our group video chats or recipes we’ve made from scratch isn’t going to serve us. We know deep down that these aren’t real indicators of our growth. Moving our bodies, connecting with others, and finding creative outlets are wonderful things, but not if we’re putting pressure on ourselves to simply check off a box. Real growth means moving when our bodies need it and resting when that feels right. It’s engaging in activities that feed our soul rather than the ones that promise the most likes. 

This is new territory for all of us, so it’s crucial that we show ourselves kindness. Perhaps some of us would be better served by taking time for rest, planning, and incubation. However, if you’ve been truly bitten by the motivation bug, that’s great! Just keep in mind that it can come in waves. Check in with yourself, do what you can with what you have, and recognize that your productivity will swell and shrink. Remember—the best measure of success will always be how good you feel inside.

Whether you’re relishing rest or enjoying a burst of activity, our Time to Bloom collection can help set you on a positive forward trajectory that supports your growth.

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