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7 Yoga Classes to Embrace Change

yoga for life changes and transitions

As humans, we are often resistant to change – and rightfully so. Most of us crave stability, comfort and control. So when things change, it can be a pretty scary and daunting phenomenon. Fear of the unknown, being taken out of our comfort zone, loss of control, realizing that we no longer can do the things that we once were able to do, are all reasons why we resist change. The thing is, change is a constant. Nothing stays exactly as it is. Nothing. It is the only thing in this life that is inevitable, so doesn’t it make more sense to embrace it rather than to fight it?

This week’s featured classes will challenge you to expand your boundaries and create positive change.

  • When Life Is In Flux with Jodi Blumstein: Practice is easy during those times when you are in an established routine; however, life brings a lot of change. Practice is for the phase transition. It is for the moment of change – when life is in flux. You practice to build a solid foundation that you can lean on during the ups and downs.
  • Change is in the Air with Chelsey Korus: Inspired by the Fall season, with its undeniable feeling of change in the air. Allow your practice to be inspired by the spirit of change and challenge yourself to sweat! Move through a balanced flow that strengthens and engages your core, hips, legs and arms. Leave feeling like you can navigate transitions with greater ease as you lean in to the simplicity, rather than chasing after the complexity.
  • Calm Amidst Turbulence, Steady Amidst Change with Rod Stryker: In this practice, forward bends, twists, and longer holds will lead you to an incredible sense of stability and calm. Discover the power of stillness, calm in the midst of turbulence, and steady in the midst of change. The very qualities that allow us to embody yoga to the fullest. Prop Suggested: A blanket to sit on.
  • Self Love is the Answer with Claudine Lafond: In various stages of your life, you feel differently about yourself. The ability to love yourself changes based on a collection of your internal and external environments. Focus on YOU as you explore asanas like ardha hanumanasana, baby crow and camel pose. Cultivate and nourish seeds of self love that will energetically spread through all parts of your being. Stir up love, breathe together and connect to the collective pulse. Prepare for an uplifting experience! Props Needed: Two blocks.
  • Finding Your Touchstone with Kia Miller: This class is an invitation to walk gracefully through change or cycles of your life by connecting to your core Self. It has some strengthening poses and a focus on inner connection and mantras: HUM and SAT NAM. Props Needed: A blanket.
  • Meet Every Moment with Elena Brower: Great to do in times that feel chaotic, practice engaging in the skill of meeting every moment. Start and end with moving bridges to warm up your spine and supine twists to rinse out your body. Through standing postures, backbends and forward bends, you’ll grow your capacity to meet any moment thoughtfully and articulately. Be reminded that every moment is a chance to be worshipful and thoughtful. End in a sweet savasana.
  • Inner Stability, Outer Fluidity with Chelsey Korus: A powerful way to learn to deal with the instability of life. Learn to transition the legs from binds to extensions and from standing to inverted positions with a fluid outer body and a strong, focused inner body and core. Props Needed: Two blocks. – Props Suggested: A blanket


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