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6 Yoga Classes to Increase Flexibility

Flexibility is essential for our overall health and well being. As we age, our muscles naturally lose elasticity and become less supple, which can lead to poor posture, poor circulation (which can be linked to kidney and cardiovascular disease) and injury. Increasing our flexibility decreases our risk of injuries when performing physical, everyday, activities by helping our joints move through their full range of motion and enabling blood flow to our muscles so they work most effectively.

This week’s featured classes will increase your range of motion and will create more flexibility and space in your entire body.

  • Morning Flexibility with Tara Judelle: This class uses slow movements to coax our body into flexibility and fluidity for the day. Includes forward bends (paschimottanasana, upavistha konasana) and hip openers (gomukhasana, baddha konasana). Props Suggested: Two Blocks, Blanket, Strap
  • Bring Flexibility to Hips and Legs with Jo Tastula: A basic and gentle class focusing on seated and reclined postures that bring flexibility to your hips and legs. It’s perfect for beginners, or people with limited mobility. Warm up with various reclined leg rotations using a strap (supta utthita hasta padangusthasana) and hip opener thread-the-needle. Work up to more challenging seated postures such as cobblers pose (baddha konasana) seated twist (ardha matsyendrasana) and seated thread-the-needle. Suggested Props: A strap, a blanket or block to sit on.
  • Deep Release for Flexibility & Grace with Taylor Harkness: To cultivate fluidity and grace, flexibility and a liberated range of motion are essential. Lengthen and release the often tight and bound up places within your body with longer, yin-style holds. The sequence works to decompress and bring space into your hips, shoulders and spine. Savasanas are sprinkled throughout and you will leave your mat feeling open and relaxed. Props Needed: A bolster, one or two blocks and a strap.
  • Psoas Strength & Flexibility Flow with Jason Crandall: Balanced strength and flexibility of the psoas is essential for hip and spine health. This dynamic practice focuses on deep psoas strengthening and stretching in sun salutations, low lunges, standing postures, core strengtheners and arm-balances.
  • Increase Flexibility & Strength with Stephanie Snyder: You will need 2 blocks and a blanket for this flow class. This may be challenging for you but a good effort will bring progress in your practice. This sequence will increase flexibilty and strength through standing poses, some twisting and a heart/shoulder opener.
  • Build Strength and Flexibility with Mary Taylor: This class is for those who are new to yoga and are looking for a practice that will build strength and flexibility over time. Learn the building blocks of the Ashtanga system and how to move in conjunction with the breath and gaze in a flowing sequence of postures with variations offered where appropriate. Postures are drawn from the Primary Series of Ashtanga. Props Needed: One block, a blanket and a strap.

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