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6 Calming Yoga Classes

Feeling stressed out or frazzled lately? Not to worry. Yoga to the rescue! When we calm our breath, we calm our mind settling our central nervous system, allowing us to be more at peace within our own heart.

This week’s featured classes will help settle a stressed out mind and will bring more peace and calm to our lives.

  • Strong, Calm & Steady with Kia Miller: Practice this powerful kriya and meditation designed to release stress and create the strength, resilience and grace needed to thrive in these times. Sequencing includes warm up surya namaskars and engaging mulabandha and bahir kumbhaka (hold at end of exhale). Charge the magnetic energy of your body with this strengthening, rejuvenating practice. When your nerves are strong you are resilient, calm and capable, having the capacity to turn challenge into opportunity. Props Suggested: A blanket.
  • Breath Calm Down with Marla Apt: Take a moment to find your breath again with this exhalation focused practice done from a relaxed supine position. Calm your nervous tension with a few good smooth breaths. When you are plagued with worries, your breath and body respond and you can feel trapped in the physical and mental loop of anxiety. When you can catch a smooth breath, your perspective can shift completely. Props Needed: Three blankets and eye cover.
  • Precisely Peaceful with Chelsey Korus: Drawing your attention inward towards your center makes poses like vrksasana (tree pose) satisfying and peaceful for your mind. As you know life is not predictable or stationary and you are asked to find your stability within the flow. Practice this as you transition from standing straddle to tree. Catch your drishti, commit and calm your mind. Keep that same peace as you explore leg variations in tripod headstand before a nice savasana. Props Needed: A bolster.
  • Slow Breath, Calm Mind with Rod Stryker: Experience first hand how your breath is the key to shaping your mind. The poses will be simple but the focus on breath will be constant throughout. Use asana to improve breath and your breath to improve mental focus. Emphasize the calming and grounding power of lengthening exhale with forward bends and twists. Close with pranayama to leave you feeling balanced and stable.
  • Calm Your Mind for Sweet Dreams with Kathryn Budig: Ever find yourself exhausted, lying in bed at the end of the day and unable to calm your mind? This class is for you. A sweet 10 minute restorative sequence to wring out your body and mind so you can rest peacefully and drift off into sweet dreams. Props Needed: A bolster, block and strap.
  • Reset Your Mind: Calm with Tara Judelle: In this short practice to reset your nervous system for calm and ease we use pranayama, forward bends and an inversion to prepare you to meet the rest of your day with clarity. Props Needed: Bolster and Strap

Be sure to check out all of our Yoga for Calmness Classes.

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