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3 Stories You Can’t Miss This Week

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This week in wellness news, a small study suggests the combination of physical activity, breathing, and meditation could help prevent borderline high blood pressure from becoming full-blown hypertension.

Read that and these other great stories from around the web. These are the tops Yoga, Health & Wellness stories to bring you up to speed.

  • Why You Should Do Yoga Every Day If You Have Prehypertension: “If you’ve been warned by your doctor about borderline high blood pressure, you may want to give yoga a try. According to a small new study, people with prehypertension who practiced yoga for an hour a day for three months lowered both their average diastolic and arterial pressure.”
  • Keep It Moving: “People who work out but also sit for long hours — active couch potatoes, you might say — may often share the same elevated risks for disease and early death as their less active peers.”
  • How to Nail a Job Interview with Meditation: “Meditation is taking the corporate world by storm, with most successful companies, including the likes of Google and Apple, fully embracing it in their cultures. Luckily, meditation is available to anyone, and it could form a key part of your interview preparation. Here are some reasons why and some tips on how to start.”

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