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7 Yoga Classes You Can Do At Your Desk

yoga in the workplace

Most of us know that sitting at a desk all day isn’t exactly the best thing for our bodies. While a little slouching now and then isn’t so bad, drawn out over time, our poor desk habits can cause serious harm. Stuck at a desk all day? Ease tension and undo the damage caused by too much sitting with yoga. This week’s featured classes will help reset your body quickly to be able to continue working while establishing more blood flow, brain flow and body comfort.

  • Desk Reset with Tara Judelle: This short sequence is designed so you can get up from your desk at work and reset your body quickly to be able to continue working while establishing more blood flow, brain flow and body comfort. Prop Needed: Chair
  • Computer Work Break with Elena Brower: Lean away from your screen for an efficiency break. Helpful for your legs, spine, arms, wrists, lungs, eyes and softening your mind. Stand, fold, stretch and practice some energy medicine to rest your whole being and to send you back to work feeling refreshed.
  • 5 Minute Yoga Break at Your Desk with Jason Crandell: Only have time for a 5 minute yoga-break? This chair-based practice will help open your shoulders and spine while bringing greater circulation to your entire upper-body. This simple, accessible practice is also appropriate for students that need a gentle, highly-supported sequence.
  • Desk Yoga for Your Neck with Felicia Tomasko: Get rid of crimps and cramps in the neck and shoulders built up from too much desk time using simple movements you can do at your desk.
  • Take a Break with Marla Apt: Take a break from your seat. This brief sequence is a perfect antidote to asymmetry or compression after a long period of time at a desk. Open the chest, revitalize your energy, stretch the shoulders, lengthen the lower back and relieve all around tension. Props Needed: A block and a chair. Props Suggested: Wall space.
  • Reboot with Mary Taylor: In the middle of the day at work or at home, use the breath in conjunction with the gaze and movement to re-invigorate and re-boot energy and focus. Props Needed: A chair and a blanket.
  • Lunchtime Yoga Break with Steven Espinosa: Many of us don’t always have an hour to do a full yoga practice. So if you are stuck at your desk, on your lunch break or at home with the kids this short but sweet class is for you! All you need is a small wall space and we will open up the shoulders and upper back, the hips and lower legs and maybe even flip upside down with a brief L-Pose at the wall. Prop Needed: A wall.

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