Tracking your practice with Apple Watch and HealthKit

We’re excited to release our latest update for iOS which now lets you track your yoga classes in HealthKit with the Apple Watch. Our new watch app also lets you quickly pause, skip forward and skip backward during a class, giving you a quick way to retry or prepare for a pose.

A Convenient Remote Control

We know there are times when you want to retry getting into or holding a pose. Or sometimes, you just need a moment to catch or control your breath. Using the watch app, you can easily skip 30 seconds forward or backward as well as pause your class from your wrist.

Health Tracking

You can now monitor your active heart rate during a class and see your average heart rate for all previous yoga classes when wearing the Apple Watch. You’ll also get credit towards filling in the exercise ring in Apple’s Activity app.

Download the app for iOS and Apple Watch now.

We hope you enjoy this update and we’re honored to be a part of your practice.


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