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Yoga to Improve Posture

Yoga for Improved Posture

Do you spend your days at a computer, sitting at a desk, or behind the steering wheel? It’s probably safe to say that most of us probably do. In our forward oriented world, the tendency to slouch puts a lot of pressure on the spine & the internal organs, which can contribute to backache, poor circulation, headaches, fatigue and can even inhibit breath function.

If you find yourself slouching or if you’re just looking to improve your posture, we’ve got the classes for you! This week’s featured classes will help open the chest, stretch the shoulders, lengthen the lower back, counteracting slouched posture and hunched shoulders.

  • Beat Slouch Asana with Felicia: Is slouch-asana your most common posture? Decompress, lengthen and grow taller with this practice that begins with the low back and hips and moves up to releasing tension in the neck and shoulders before settling down into the welcome mat of savasana.
  • Open Upper Chest, Shoulders & Spine with Stephanie: This sequence is designed for the athlete (or anyone) who has tight upper chest, shoulders, and spine. Activities like swimming, weight lifting, and strength training can shorten, tighten, and dehydrate these muscles. This can cause upper back pain and poor posture that can inhibit breath function which will limit you in all ways. We will move through a vinyasa-based class that will open the shoulders, chest, and upper back to create freedom and space around your heart!
  • Chest and Shoulder Openers with Noah: After enough time on the bike, the chest and pectoralis muscles can tighten up causing a slouched posture and stiff neck. It’s vital to open this area and get it moving! This class will do just that. – Props: Wall space, chair.
  • Restoratives for Hunched Shoulders with Amy: Through repetition of key restorative yoga poses and a twist, use this practice to help counteract slouched posture and hunched shoulders. Props Needed: Two bolsters and two blocks or four rolled blankets or a combination of both.
  • Posture Perfect Flow with Carol: Do you spend your days at a computer, sitting at a desk, or behind the steering wheel? Many of the things we do in an average day can affect our posture and contribute to backache, headaches, and fatigue. Get the kinks out while strengthening your posture muscles. Start slow with a focus on assisted posture then move into your flow with a gentle cool down. Props Needed: A block and a strap.
  • Change Your Breath, Change Your Life with Rod: Resolve tightness in your breath, along your chest and upper spine. Use your breath to quickly change how you feel and think. Everyone will benefit from deeper, smoother inhalation. As you move through accessible poses, you will be creating new capacity to breathe more fully. You will improve your posture, your focus and you will free tension throughout your body.
  • Cultivate Extension of the Spine with Tiffany: In our forward oriented world the tendency to slouch puts a lot of pressure on the spine & the internal organs. This class focuses on cultivating extension in the spine in some simple ways and some more precarious positions. Take what you need and find some expansion through the front of the body to take some pressure off the spine and the internal organs in the process. Some arms balancing variations & transitions included.
  • Take a Break with Marla: Take a break from your seat. This brief sequence is a perfect antidote to asymmetry or compression after a long period of time at a desk. Open the chest, revitalize your energy, stretch the shoulders, lengthen the lower back and relieve all around tension. Props Needed: A block and a chair. Props Suggested: Wall space.

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