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Yoga to Remain Calm, Cool & Collected

Yoga for Calm

Feeling frazzled or unsettled lately? Not to worry. Yoga to the rescue! When we calm our breath, we calm our mind, our bodies central nervous system settles, allowing us to be more at peace within our own heart.

This week’s featured classes will help settle a stressed out mind and will bring more peace and calm to our lives.

  • Cultivate Calm with Moon Salutations with Kathryn Budig: We’re all familiar with Sun Salutations, but what if we flip the coin and focus on the Moon? These Moon Salutations still build heat, but in a fluid, slow-moving and supportive way. Great when you want to calm your body and move at the same time.
  • Calm in the Face of Challenges with Tara Judelle: Open your hips to ground. Life throws us unexpected challenges. We work in this class to return to a sense of calm and ease, to return to grounded self, when feeling unplugged using hip openers and forward bends.
  • Calm Your Mind & Be with Steven Espinosa: When we come to our mats it is opportunity for us to move from constantly “doing” into a place of “being”. During this class we will focus on being in our breath, our body and in our heart through a well rounded, full spectrum mixed level class. Starting with Breath work to calm our mind, then moving into a series of gentle Warm Ups into Standing Poses, Inversions, Hip Openers, and Back Bends. Ending with Savasana and a brief Seated Meditation. Prop Needed: Wall space for L pose. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a blanket.
  • Calm Your Overactive Mind, Develop Deep Awareness with Jo Tastuala: Tune out from the overactive mind and simply be in deep awareness of the movement of breath and energy as it needs to happen today. Honoring any tension and tightness we start slowly with seated forward bends and supported backbends. Then embrace core work to build the heat to fuel this transformative practice! Lots of hamstring and quad stretches and of course… my beloved side plank (vasistasana). Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose (utthita hasta padangusthasana) warrior 3 (virabhadrasana) and side crow (parsva bakasana) provide some balance challenge. Freeform backbends (self sequencing is wonderful to strengthen anyones home practice) and pigeon for desert. Namaste and many many thanks!
  • Let Go of the Day’s Tension, Prepare for a Calm Night with Jason Crandell: This soothing practice is designed to reduce the physical tension and mental stress that can accumulate during your day. It includes supported chest, spine and shoulder openers, as well as hip-openers and twists. It is remarkable how a 20-minute practice can be so effective in turning your day around and preparing you for a calm night.
  • Calm Your Nervous System with Darren Rhodes: Turn inward via forward folds and twists to calm your nervous system. This practice pinnacles in yogi dandasana (foot to armpit). In this class you may need a strap, block, and/or blankets.
  • Deep Breath, Calm Mind with Chelsey Korus: Deep Breath, Calm Mind – I will never forget the day I was taught “You are not your thoughts.” My world was never the same after that. I became a practicing observer of my thoughts and less and less of a reactor. In this continuous flow, you will move with intention and quality of breath that will loosen the chains of an over active mind to reveal a freedom that is all your own. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a blanket.
  • Calm Your Heart with Kia Miller: This meditation induces a feeling of calmness. If you are feeling emotionally challenged at work or in a personal relationship then practice this meditation before deciding how to act. Practiced daily it helps to develop your concentration and promotes rejuvenation at a deep level. An essential tool to keep in your back pocket!
  • Calm, Grounding, Insightful Flow with Stephanie Snyder: This is a forward folding hip opening practice that focuses on turning in to gain insight from the practice. It is a pretty mellow flow with some more advanced arm balance options and deep Marichyasana variations. This sequence will cultivate a calm and grounding experience. Prop Suggested: A block.
  • Twisting into Calmness with Elena Brower: When you practice twisting into postures rather than out, you will land in a center of peaceful calm within. A strong hour of twists in standing postures, hip openers, inversions and back bends to land you in a place of serenity.
  • Yoga to Remain to Calm, Cool & Collected with Felicia Tomasko: Need to get calm, cool, collected? Take five minutes for alternate nostril breathing for a complete attitude adjustment that can be done without any
    props or equipment. I used alternate nostril breathing before taking my nursing boards to get calm and focused.

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