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Spring Tune-Up

Spring is officially here and transitioning gracefully from one season to the next can be a bit of a challenge — especially from winter to spring when most of us are still feeling sluggish or “stuck” from being cooped up indoors. As the seasons change our bodies change, so it’s important that we don’t become stagnant — we need to create balance and healthy circulation in order to move with the seasons. Think of the changing of seasons as time for renewal, a time to wipe the slate, undo some habits and start anew. This constant shedding as the seasons change help us to let go so we continue to grow and transform.

Ready for an internal renewal? This week’s featured classes will restore and balance your body, mind and spirit so you can renew your commitment to your wellness, to your heart and to yourself.

  • Detox for a Vibrant Spring with Sianna Sherman: Clear away the dross, flush out your organs and revitalize in this Spring detox flow. Special focus on standing twisting poses to pump lymph in the legs and rinse the organs. Get ready for a vibrant and healthy spring of creativity. Slower tempo with a focus on alignment and then building a progressive flow of twisting poses from standing to seated to a surprise inversion. Props Needed: A block.
  • Spring Tune Up with Amy Ippoliti: Go back to the basics of form and alignment with this simple practice that touches on a variety of fundamental poses. Whether you are new to yoga or more seasoned and ready to polish up your basics, this one’s for you. Have two blocks, a blanket and a wall.
  • Spring Detox with Elena Brower: Spring Detox: twist-centric practice geared towards making space and fullness in your emotional and physical body in order to enable you to release any doubt, fear or frustration from your world. Standing twists, hip openers, backbends, savasana and brief meditation
  • Spring Awake with Giselle Mari: We all need a little awakening from time to time. What better time than Spring to be reminded of our possibilities? Wake up what has been dormant with thigh and hamstring openers, balancing poses and twists. Props Needed: A block, blanket and a strap.
  • Catalyst for Renewal with Claire Missingham: In Ayurveda, routine, ritual and process are important for creating health and balance. For instance, creating an evening routine to establish good sleep patterns or waking early for pranayama and meditation practice at dawn. Similarly, sometimes we need to allow ourselves to undo habits as well, perhaps we may get stuck or not challenge ourselves enough, especially when it’s cold outside. By acknowledging how we need to create change, the yoga practice can be the catalyst for renewal. Inspired by the urge to change things up, so we don’t become stuck in our practice or in our lives. This freeing and enlivening class of detailed alignment, specific hand positions in poses (mudra), breathing techniques (pranayama) and kriyas for an inspired multi-dimensional Vinyasa Flow. This yoga practice uses intelligent, creative and disciplined sequences, that unravel repetitive patterns and leave you feeling free and refreshed. We do variations of arm positions and transitions between poses and become more aware of using alternative clasps of the hands and fingers. This will free up the 14 main joints in the body, and open the spine in all 3 planes of movement (saggital, coronal and transverse).
  • Renew, Restore, Rebuild with Twists with Tara Judelle: Using slow steady twisting poses ranging from Standing to Seated, this class mindfully uses the two halves of the body to unwind the center and rebalance the nervous system.
  • Yoga Nidra for Healing & Inspiration with Rod Stryker: Deep rest is key to healing and rejuvenation as well as improved focus. Enjoy this twenty minute Yoga Nidra session, the ancient yogic science of relaxation, and experience how twenty minutes of guided, systematic, relaxation practice can replenish and renew you. Use it to start your day, rest in the middle of it, or just before falling asleep and unlock your innate capacity for healing, inspiration, and peace. Props Suggested: Blanket to lay on or cover up with. Blanket or pillow for head, Bolster under the knees.

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