Claudine Lafond is a YogaGlo Teacher!

Claudine Lafond is a YogaGlo Teacher

We are thrilled to announce that Claudine Lafond is now a YogaGlo teacher!

Claudine believes that anything is possible. Her intention is to create an inclusive environment where students can move freely, feel good, have fun and experience the infinitude of possibilities within themselves. She believes that above all, humor is an essential ingredient in yoga and that laughter is the best core exercise there is. Claudine‘s humble guidance points her students towards the wisdom and strength they already possess. Her teaching style is influenced from Kripalu, Iyengar, Forrest, Vinyasa and AcroYoga as well as fitness and pilates. Claudine is also a certified holistic health counselor through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Her personal mission in life is to live a life of purpose, fueled by love, truth and courage.

Claudine’s first few classes have been added to the site so you can start practicing with her today:

  • Happy Hips, Happy Heart – Everything we do in our daily lives creates tension and tightness in our hips. The hips can be a storehouse of physical, energetic and emotional blockages. As we create time to open this area, we do a tremendous amount of service to ourselves. Let go of tension, calm your nervous system and feel relaxed in your body, mind and heart.
  • Stoke Your Fire – Build strength and tone your entire body with this dynamic class designed to make you sweat. A flowing sequence intended to open up the body, build strength and detoxify your system. Do as much or as little as you can without judgements or expectations. The intention of this class is to ignite your inner spark. Plenty of handstand options to help you stoke your fire.
  • Breathe More, Tone Your Core – The more we breathe, the more powerful we become. Supercharge your breath, energize your core muscles and internal organs and find yourself tingling from the inside out. Using powerful breathing techniques such a Kapalabhati, this class particularly targets the transverse abdominal muscle. This powerhouse is responsible for keeping the back strong, the body functional and the digestive system healthy.
  • Free Your Mind & The Rest Will Follow – Are you holding on to residual tension and tightness from past experiences? It’s time to release your holding patterns and bring more freedom into your body. Explore funky arm balances like pistol squat and Eka Pada Galavasana and practice jumping through and into crow.
  • Open the Gate – This class will focus on lengthening the side body and reinvigorating the entire body in a flash. Take time to warm up and rinse out using a mix of easeful and challenging poses such as lunge twists, standing and seated side bends, a creative back-bend and then wrapping it up with a banana. This sequence will bring the body into a deep state of balance and bliss.
  • Awaken Your Asana – Want to wake up your backside? This is the class for you. Our glutes are a powerhouse collection of muscles that for some, are either not working properly or not working at all. Awaken your booty with repetitions, stabilizing balance work and rounding off with a baby grasshopper!
  • Melt Into Your Mat – Bask in deep relaxation as you drift in and out of postures that target shoulders and upper back. Let yourself melt into the mat as you unwind physical and emotional tension stored in the many layers of muscle and fascia. Drift off into that sweet space in between sleep and awake. Props Needed: A bolster.
  • Ripples & Waves – With only limited time, you need to maximize the precious minutes that you claim for yourself. Designed to unwind the spine, get you moving like a serpent, free and fluid. Be prepared to get warm, flow with grace and move the entire body organically whilst deeply connecting to your breath.
  • Core Destruction – Connect with your powerhouse through deep breathing and dynamic movements focused on energizing the core. A short blast to get you integrated, invigorated and moving into your day with greater awareness.

Please join us in welcoming Claudine to YogaGlo!

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