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Yoga for Release

Whether it be physical or emotional, we have all had built up tension or trapped energy that needed to be released. Releasing whatever it is that is “stuck” allows us to feel more calm, spacious and renewed. If you think you could benefit from a release, we’ve got the classes for you! This week’s featured classes will help release physical and emotional heaviness by creating lightness and well being.

  • Disciplined Meditative Flow to Release Tension with Mary Taylor: A flow of postures, strung together through concentration on the sound of the breath and the release of tension through soft steady gazing allows for a practice that is at once disciplined and extraordinarily meditative. Props Suggested: Wall space, strap, block and blanket.
  • Observe Your Attachments & Release Them with Kia Miller: This kundalini pranayama meditation creates a deep concentration and a detachment that helps you to observe your attachments and release them, becoming more centered in your Self. This is one of my favorites. If you are feeling a need to move through blocks, then I highly recommend you practice it for 40 days. Prop Suggested: A blanket to sit on.
  • Release the Upper Body with Tias Little: In this class we will explore ways to release the upper arm and shoulder while freeing up the connective tissues in and around the neck. Class includes supine, seated and standing poses. Props Needed: A block, bolster, blanket, and a strap.
  • Release Body, Mind & Hip Tension with Dice Iida-Klein: This is a strong hip based class that brings together elements of flow and longer holds. From deep stretches to a strong standing and seated sequence, we release tension from our mind and body via the wonderful outlet of our hips. Inversion options are given of course! Enjoy my fellow yogis.
  • Release Quad Tension with Darren Rhodes: If you store stress and tension in your quads this sequence will serve you. One Hero pose after another will stretch away stress and leave you feeling serene and savasana ready.
  • Release Stress at the End of Your Day with Steven Espinosa: Enjoy a calming and relaxing class which begins with Meditation and Breath work which transitions into several Seated and Supine Poses. Perfect to release stress at the end of your day!


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