There's a Class for That

15 Minute Yoga

short yoga classes

Only have 15 minutes, but still want that feeling of a strong, powerful practice? We’ve got you covered. This week’s featured classes are short, sweet and effective.  

  • Upper Body Workout Recovery with Tiffany Cruikshank: A general upper body recover class for any kind of upper body focused workout. Designed to re-lengthen all of the muscles around the shoulder girdle.
  • Quick Full Body Routine with Tara Judelle: Energizing sequence; A 15 minute routine covering a whole body routine emphasizing movement and flow. Includes Sun Salutations, standing poses, and floor stretches to finish
  • Short Break Yoga with Felicia Tomasko: We hold a lot of our body’s stress and tension around the shoulders and
    spine. This practice begins with circular movements of the shoulders and spine to unwind our knots and then moves on to releasing tension from the spine using gentle movements. This gentle, breath-oriented practice is suitable for beginners or for short breaks in the day.
  • Minimum Daily Practice with Jodi Blumstein: As Ashtanga yoga practitioners we are aiming to get on the mat every day. Here Jodi is giving us the minimum daily practice. Don’t have much time? Not feeling your best? Try doing this and maybe you will find more energy to do more, or simply get it done and move forward with your day.
  • Release Tension & Stress with Dice Iida-Klein: A short sequence focused on opening the hips and low back, releasing tension and stress from our bodies.
  • Re-Center Yourself with Elena Brower: This brief meditation incorporates breath of fire, some cleansing movement and ujjayi pranayama to offer a potent, quiet reminder: let’s reframe our thinking and choose the environment of our minds and hearts. Release anyone to whom you’ve given responsibility for your experience, and recenter yourself in your own being.

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