The Language of Yoga

Weekend Challenge: Bring a Yogic Attitude to Work

weekend challenge

Growing up we are taught that if we do what we love, we’ll never have to work a day in our lives. We are also taught that we can accomplish anything we put our minds to. So, if we want to make a living doing what we love, then by golly, we can do it! For a lot of us, that might very well be the case and for that, we are truly lucky. But for the majority of us, for various reasons that are often times beyond our control, making a living does not include doing what we love or what we are passionate about.

The bottom line is that we have to work for most of our lives (at least most of us do). So if we are not doing what we love, how do we find fulfillment in and give meaning to the work that we do do?

From a yogic perspective, what matters most is not what you do, but how you do it. Chances are, you are good at what you do. Someone thought that you were talented enough to fill the position that you are in, so use that to your advantage. This weekend, we challenge you to apply the values of yoga to your work and to approach your work as you would your mat. Bring your best self, your full presence and all of your attention and focus. Attitude is everything. So when you re-frame your current attitude to a more yogic one, then who knows, you might find out that you really do love what you do.


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