Travel Yoga for the Traveling Yogi

Yoga for Travel

About to get on yet another flight? Worried you’ll be stiff and miserable by the time you land and get to your hotel? Not to worry! We’ve been filming yoga for travel classes for a few years now and have built up a library of classes you can take with you wherever you go. Whether you want to sneak a few poses in pre-flight or need to fully open up and unravel the moment you get to your hotel after a long trip, our Travel Yoga videos section is your go-to guide.

A few must-take classes as you travel to and fro this holiday season:

  • Find Home Wherever You Are with Marc Holzman – This 30 minute class can be performed before or after you travel to ground your energy and find your sense of home. Various thigh stretches ending in a delicious wall sequence of headstand, viparita karani, and shoulder stand.
  • Long Trip Prep with Felicia Tomasko – Get ready for a long trip with this short but sweet whole body practice that includes poses to open up the shoulders, spine and hips for happy traveling.
  • Pre-Flight Yoga with Dice lida-Klein – Traveling soon? Take this tutorial with you and practice near your gate, pre-flight! Done from a seated position, we use wide-legged fold (upavistha konasana), bound-angle pose (baddhakonasana), forward fold (paschimottanasana) and seated twist (marichyasana C) to open our inner groin, hamstrings, hips and low back. Find a space that’s clear –  never mind your fellow travelers. They’re just looking because they wish they could feel as good as you do before the flight.
  • Mid-Travel Yoga Practice with Jo Tastula – So ~ you’re in a crowded space…nowhere to put down a mat and fully stretch out but your poor body is suffering??? Here’s some ideas for stretches that you can do standing in the airport, at the train station, at the post office – that won’t bring too much attention to you. Warning; great amounts of humor needed when doing yoga in public spaces 🙂
  • Post-Travel Rebalance with Jason Crandell – When I get off a plane or out of a car, I want to do 3 things: open my hips, fix my back and appreciate that I’m at my destination. This is my go-to practice to re-balance my body. It has just enough movement and strength to make you feel alive, manage your jet-lag, and help reboot your system.

There are many others to take along the way, including this Harshada Wagner “Ready for Anything” meditation that several of you recently mentioned helped you during a stressful flight.

Fly boldly, travel confidently, knowing you have many tools at your fingertips for remaining calm and loose in transit and unwinding properly when you get there. And as our YogaGlo teachers have pointed out, it takes a healthy dose of humor to practice yoga in public spaces. We know you can do it! Enjoy!

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