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science of a new yoga practice

Yoga basics

The Changing Face of Yoga

Yoga has gained a pretty good foothold in the U.S. in recent years, so it's not surprising that it's undergone some scrutiny. In reality, this is probably a good thing (as long as it's constructive), since it helps keep…

The Language of Yoga

The Science of Chakras – The Real Evidence

Most people, myself included, have felt the almost-indescribable swell of energy during happy times, and the low contraction of heartbreak. These types of energy shifts, and other varieties, can be felt at different physical points in the body. Maybe…

Yoga basics

Sometimes You Have to Come Home

Having vowed to bust out of my yoga comfort zone, I've been trying some new styles recently. It actually hasn't been too painful. Some styles hooked me in ways I didn't expect, and even the ones I didn't completely…