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Gomukhasana: Give it your all

Pronounced: go-mook-HAS-uh-nuh Cow Face Pose From the Sanskrit “go” meaning “cow,” and “mukha,” meaning “face,” Gomukhasana invites us to playfully place our bodies in a shape that resembles the face of a cow. If you’re having trouble seeing it,…

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Making Peace with Up Dog

Upward-Facing Dog and I did not become fast friends upon our first introduction. For years I found the pose alternately painful and confounding. These days I relish it.…

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Find Your Sweet Spot: Half Moon Pose

I love everything about Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon Pose. On a really good day when I'm balancing effortlessly in Half Moon, standing leg firm and rooted like a pillar, ribcage revolving open, shoulder blades pressing into my back,…